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    I've searched far and wide for general information on starting a beverage company. Could anyone be kind enough to share website, books or other helpful resources. I am interested specifically in the fruit juice industry, and would like to learn the basics about building a fruit juice line from the ground up. Thanks for any help or suggsetions!

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    From the ground up. Are you talking about growing, mixing, bottling your own product or are you talking about having a contract packer bottle it and you do all the leg work out in the field.
    There are many magazines out there that can help you along the way.
    Beverage Spectrum
    Beverage Industry
    Beverage World
    are just a few of the periodicals I recieve. If you can't find the exact info in there you will be able to use your resources in the "classified "section to get you close to your goals.
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      Thanks for the speedy reply. In response to your questions, I really don't even know the answers yet. I guess that's why I need to read up on the industry. I have a drink that I've concocted, and feel that it's presence is lacking on retail shelves. Other than that, I know absolutely nothing about the beverage industry less what I've read about similar novices launching their own drinks and succeeding.


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        Well, I will tell you that it is a lot of hard work. The shelves are full of drinks and buyers are usually cautious about what the put on their shelves. Shelf space is a very very valuable piece of real estate.
        good luck
        Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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          practice what i do, give the owner incentive to face out your drinks more then others. here in NY, most delis that i go to have in some cases dozens of the same drinks. if yours has a strong showing, usually you will do good.

          if they face out your drink more then the others, reward them by giving them one free case a month. i have started this promotion and have done well with it so far.
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            Are you talking about straight juices? Like orange, apple, cranberry juices? Or what we call "juice drinks" which would be like your Snapple flavors, Fruitopias, Tropicanas, etc...

            Here's the reason(s) I ask...

            #1 - The juice category would be a tough one to crack in my mind. You have some very BIG players like Tropicana, Minute Maid, Ocean Spray. With almost every brand, you have Orange Juice as the top seller...usually followed by apple. OS has some of the strongest cranberry juice sellers...

            The point is that a retailer doesn't need several brands of juices anymore...maybe two to three brands at most! Even then, they will use the top sellers from each. So I mentioned three brands up there...they would take a few of Tropicana's orange juices (Pure Premium 14oz), a few offerings from Minute Maid (Orange, Apple, maybe one other) and a couple of cranberry options from OS. Other than that, they can add specialty juices like V-8, Clamato, etc. and pretty much cover 85% or more of its juice consumers.

            #2 - juice drinks represent a dying subcategory