I work for a beverage distribution company and have been told by a lot of sales reps and vendors that I should bottle and sell my Kombucha. I've been researching it, and have just about all the info I need. Bottles and closures for pennies a piece, 50lb bags of tea, all the scobys I could ever imagine, label artwork, etc. I was just wondering how to get nutrition facts, what are the rules for "bottle deposits" (we don't have em in Texas), also, how do you "register" a drink to get a barcode. Also, should the health dpeartment be involved because of the type of beverage? Basically, I'm trying to find out how to get it out there, legally. I've already got a distributor and tons of customers lined up (I'm a sales rep for the bev co too and have been telling all of my accounts, as have the other reps). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CoPackers won't do Kombucha.