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The Tiger is FINALLY Heeeeerrrreee!

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    There is no FDA approval on energy drinks.
    And if you are making this crap in the states it is costing at the very most $8.00 a case to produce.
    Considering plugging you product on the bevnet message board is the only advertising you are doing it better be cheaper then red bull.

    It wouldn???????„?t surprise me to find out that you and this unregistered poster are the same person.


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      Wild tiger!

      When I got to Iraq, I thought all energy drinks were the same. Then one of the soldiers from another unit I was working with introduced me to Wild Tiger and I fell in love. I immediately introduced the rest of my platoon, and before you knew it we were buying off of kids on the street for $10 USD and a soccer ball! Wild Tiger isn't the only option here. There are actually a wide variety of energy drinks over here, and Wild Tiger is the best. I recently had to give up drinking it because the kids started charging too much, and the movie store (run by iraqis) that sold the stuff had their eagle cash card machine taken away IOT force troops into buying from AAFES (the PX) who does NOT carry Wild Tiger, and overcharges for everything. They've basically created a monopoly, not by eliminating competition, but by using their pull within the post to take away the safest and most convenient means of payment at the Non-AAFES store. I LOVE WILD TIGER! When I finally get back to the U.S. I'll miss my Wild Tiger. If you're a potential supplier reading this testimonial, take it from an 11B in a combat zone... Wild Tiger will sell out if you can get people to try it. IT'S CHEAPER AND TASTES BETTER THAN RED BULL, and doesn't lead to heart problems like Red Bull allegedly does. If anyone knows a website where I can mail order Wild Tiger please reply.


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        A lot of energy drink companies send free product to our service men and women so that they can state the obvious.

        I have received requests from fraudulent people claiming to be in the Military and requesting product.

        If it is manufactured in Jordan, the country is considered an Enemy of the United States and numerous other countries. Why would we want to support those that are against us?


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          Looks like the Tiger isn't growling anymore. The website is long gone, and any hits I got on old reviews of the product, people were paying 99?? for it, well below the price the distributor on the first page quoted. And I also found a post from some poor sap who was trying to unload 5,000 cases of the stuff.

          All that hype for nothing. And I somehow doubt it worked any better than any other regular energy drink out there, it was just a lot cheaper for the troops to buy cases of it from non-US sources ($6-$10 a case) than to buy US sourced brand name drinks.


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            im currently deployed to iraq and i love this wild tiger energy drink i drink two of them and im like a ferret on crystal meth. but i was searching around the net to see if i could find where it was made so i could directly order it from the manufacturer and get it stateside but i saw that it was made it france but the only way you can order it from that place is if you a company of your own so if any one has found anything less let me no that would be awsome