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Like the new look, but...

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  • Like the new look, but...

    It interferes with the private message box. After the control panel loads up on the left side of the screen, the message box gets pushed to the middle, and the menu on the right of the screen overlaps it.

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    Please either center or re-size the board to fill the whole page.
    As it is now the small fount is hard to read.
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      If you hold down your CTRL button and turn the scroll wheel on your mouse, you can adjust the size of the font on your computer screen.


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        The font size is specified in the page specs and won't alter by the control/wheel trick (nor by directly choosing it in View/Text Size) unless you have the "ignore font sizes specified on web pages" choice checked under Tools/Internet Options-Accessiblity. And I almost never do that one because it messes up too many of the various sites I go to. I'm with Zabe, it'd e easier if Bevnet would set the default text size up a little bit.

        For example, the control/scroll will work on the fonts that I coded to be oversize above, but all the previous text on the page is "immune" from it.

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