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aspartame review: methanol, formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.5.3 rmforall

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  • aspartame review: methanol, formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.5.3 rmforall
    aspartame review: methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid toxicity:
    Murray 9.5.3 rmforall

    Rich Murray, MA Room For All
    1943 Otowi Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 USA 505-986-9103
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    [NutraSweet, Equal, Canderel, Benevia, E951]
    aspartame & formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.5.3 rmforall
    for 1024 posts in a public searchable archive 123 members 15771 posts 715 members
    EU votes 440 to 20 to approve sucralose, limit cyclamates & reevaluate
    aspartame & stevia: Murray 4.12.3 rmforall
    Mark Gold exhaustively critiques European Commission Scientific
    Committee on Food re aspartame (12.4.2): 59 pages, 230 references
    aspartame toxicity coverup increases danger of corporate meltdown:
    Michael C. Carakostas of Coca-Cola: Murray 8.11.3 rmforall
    The International Society of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology
    Carakostas, Michael C., DVM, PhD
    Director/Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
    The Coca-Cola Company PO Drawer 1734 Atlanta, GA 30301
    T. 404/676-4234 F. 404/676-7166 E-mail: [photo]
    Aspartame: The world agrees it's safe By Michael Carakostas, DVM, PhD
    Director, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Coca-Cola

    It is commendable that Carakostas mentions the core problem, albeit
    disparagingly: "During digestion, aspartame yields a very small amount of
    methanol-- as do many other food substances. The body converts this
    methanol to formaldehyde, which is instantly converted to formate.
    Formate is quickly eliminated as carbon dioxide and water."

    Plenty of evidence in the mainstream scientific literature since 1973
    shows that as much as 30% of the formaldehyde is retained in the body as
    toxic, cumulative adducts to the DNA, RNA, and proteins in all cells and
    tissues, leading to pointed reports by informed doctors and experts.
    Clearly, there are no safe levels for chronic, low-level formaldehyde
    exposure. If just 10% of the methanol from six cans of diet soda is
    retained in the body as toxic products of formaldehyde and formic acid,
    that is sixty times the EPA limit for allowable formaldehyde from daily
    drinking water.
    President Bush & formaldehyde (aspartame) toxicity: Ramazzini Foundation
    carcinogenicity results Dec 2002: Soffritti: Murray 8.3.3 rmforall

    p. 88 "The sweetening agent aspartame hydrolyzes in the gastrointestinal
    tract to become free methyl alcohol, which is metabolized in the liver to
    formaldehyde, formic acid, and CO2. (11)"
    Medinsky MA & Dorman DC. 1994; Assessing risks of low-level
    methanol exposure. CIIT Act. 14: 1-7.

    Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2002 Dec; 982: 87-105.
    Results of long-term experimental studies on the carcinogenicity of
    formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in rats.
    Soffritti M, Belpoggi F, Lambertin L, Lauriola M, Padovani M, Maltoni C.
    Cancer Research Center, European Ramazzini Foundation for Oncology and
    Environmental Sciences, Bologna, Italy.

    Formaldehyde was administered for 104 weeks in drinking water supplied
    ad libitum at concentrations of 1500, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10, or 0 mg/L
    to groups of 50 male and 50 female Sprague-Dawley rats beginning at
    seven weeks of age.
    Control animals (100 males and 100 females) received tap water only.
    Acetaldehyde was administered to 50 male and 50 female Sprague-Dawley
    rats beginning at six weeks of age at concentrations of 2,500, 1,500,
    500, 250, 50, or 0 mg/L.
    Animals were kept under observation until spontaneous death.
    Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde were found to produce an increase in total
    malignant tumors in the treated groups and showed specific carcinogenic
    effects on various organs and tissues. PMID: 12562630
    formaldehyde & formic acid from methanol in aspartame:
    Murray: 12.9.2 rmforall

    It is certain that high levels of aspartame use, above 2 liters daily
    for months and years, must lead to chronic formaldehyde-formic acid
    toxicity, since 11% of aspartame (1,120 mg in 2L diet soda, 5.6 12-oz
    cans) is 123 mg methanol (wood alcohol), immediately released into the
    body after drinking (unlike the large levels of methanol locked up in
    molecules inside many fruits), then quickly transformed into
    formaldehyde, which in turn becomes formic acid, both of which in
    time are partially eliminated as carbon dioxide and water.

    However, about 30% of the methanol remains in the body as cumulative
    durable toxic metabolites of formaldehyde and formic acid-- 37 mg daily,
    a gram every month. [Metabolism of aspartame in monkeys.
    Oppermann JA, Muldoon E, Ranney RE.
    J. Nutrition 1973 Oct; 103(10): 1454-1459.]
    If 10% of the methanol is retained as formaldehyde, that would give 12
    mg daily formaldehyde accumulation, about 60 times more than the 0.2 mg
    from 10% retention of the 2 mg EPA daily limit for formaldehyde in water.

    Bear in mind that the EPA limit for formaldehyde in drinking water is
    1 ppm, or 2 mg daily for a typical daily consumption of 2 L of water.
    RTM: ATSDR: EPA limit 1 ppm formaldehyde in drinking water July 1999
    5.30.2 rmforall

    This long-term low-level chronic toxic exposure leads to typical
    patterns of increasingly severe complex symptoms, starting with
    headache, fatigue, joint pain, irritability, memory loss, and
    leading to vision and eye problems, and even seizures. In many cases
    there is addiction. Probably there are immune system disorders, with a
    hypersensitivity to these toxins and other chemicals.

    Confirming evidence and a general theory are given by Pall (2002):
    testable theory of MCS type diseases, vicious cycle of nitric oxide &
    peroxynitrite: MSG: formaldehyde-methanol-aspartame:
    Martin L. Pall: Murray: 12.9.2 rmforall
    Functional Therapeutics in Neurodegenerative Disease Part 1/2:
    Perlmutter 7.15.99: Murray 1.10.3 rmforall
    immune system reactions due to formaldehyde from the 11% methanol in
    aspartame: Thrasher: Tephly: Monte: Murray 9.27.2 rmforall
    formaldehyde toxicity: Thrasher & Kilburn: Shaham: EPA: Gold: Murray:
    Wilson: CIIN: 12.12.2 rmforall
    Rich Murray: Professional House Doctors: Singer: EPA: CPSC:
    formaldehyde toxicity 6.10.1 rmforall gives 223,000 websites for "aspartame" , with the top
    10 listings being anti-aspartame, while finds on 700 MB of posts from 20 years of
    Usenet groups, 82,600 posts, the top 10 being anti-aspartame. 33 recent aspartame items from 4500 sources. gives 298,141, the top 7 of 10 being
    leading and very well informed volunteer anti-aspartame sites. gives 85,200 websites, top 8 of 10 anti. lists 740 aspartame items.
    24 recent formaldehyde toxicity [Comet assay] reports:
    Murray 12.31.2 rmforall
    Comet assay finds DNA damage from sucralose, cyclamate, saccharin in
    mice: Sasaki YF & Tsuda S Aug 2002: Murray 1.1.3 rmforall
    [Also borderline evidence, in this pilot study of 39 food additives,
    using test groups of 4 mice, for DNA damage from for stomach, colon,
    liver, bladder, and lung 3 hr after oral dose of 2000 mg/kg aspartame--
    a very high dose.]
    genotoxins, Comet assay in mice: Ace-K, stevia fine; aspartame poor;
    sucralose, cyclamate, saccharin bad: Y.F. Sasaki Aug 2002:
    Murray 1.27.3 rmforall [A detailed look at the data]
    aspartame (aspartic acid, phenylalanine) binding to DNA:
    Karikas July 1998: Murray 1.5.3 rmforall
    Karikas GA, Schulpis KH, Reclos GJ, Kokotos G
    Measurement of molecular interaction of aspartame and
    its metabolites with DNA. Clin Biochem 1998 Jul; 31(5): 405-7.
    Dept. of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece
    "K.H. Schulpis" <> "G.J. Reclos" <>
    aspartame & MSG: possible role in autoimmune hepatitis:
    Prandota Jan 2003: Murray 1.15.3 rmforall 5-page review
    Roberts HJ Aspartame (NutraSweet) addiction.
    Townsend Letter 2000 Jan;
    Sunshine Sentinel Press P.O.Box 17799 West Palm Beach, FL 33416
    800-814-9800 561-588-7628 561-547-8008 fax
    1038-page medical text "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic"
    published May 30 2001 $ 85.00 postpaid data from 1200 cases
    available at
    over 600 references from standard medical research

    Roberts, Hyman J., 1924- ,
    Useful insights for diagnosis, treatment and public heath: an updated
    anthology of original research, 2002, 798 pages,
    Palm Beach Institute for Medical Research, Inc.
    P.O. Box 17799, West Palm Beach, FL 33416
    fax 561-547-8008
    aspartame disease pages 627-685, 778-780
    RTM: Roberts: the life work of a brilliant clinician:
    aspartame toxicity 8.2.2 rmforall
    RTM: Moseley:
    review Roberts "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" 2.7.2 rmforall
    RTM: Smith, Terpening, Schmidt, Gums:
    full text: aspartame, MSG, fibromyalgia 1.17.2 rmforall
    Jerry D Smith, Chris M Terpening, Siegfried OF Schmidt, and John G Gums
    Relief of Fibromyalgia Symptoms Following
    Discontinuation of Dietary Excitotoxins.
    The Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2001; 35(6): 702-706.
    Malcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, FL, USA.
    BACKGROUND: Fibromyalgia is a common rheumatologic disorder that is
    often difficult to treat effectively.
    CASE SUMMARY: Four patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome
    for two to 17 years are described.
    All had undergone multiple treatment
    modalities with limited success. All had complete, or nearly complete,
    resolution of their symptoms within months after eliminating monosodium
    glutamate (MSG) or MSG plus aspartame from their diet.
    All patients were women with multiple comorbidities
    prior to elimination of MSG.
    All have had recurrence of symptoms whenever MSG is ingested.

    Siegfried O. Schmidt, MD Asst. Clinical Prof.
    Community Health and Family Medicine, U. Florida, Gainesville, FL
    Shands Hospital West Oak Clinic Gainesville, FL 32608-3629

    Debbie J. Hypes 304-872-4141 (Case # 1 of 4)
    P.O Box 25 Lookout, WV 25868-0025 She has about 1,000 on her local
    mailing list, and has been a volunteer activist since 1997. Her guide
    first came out in 1997:
    "The Food Plan: How To Do It" $ 5 by mail, free by email.
    Her sister Darlene, now 47, cured her own severe fibromyalgia in 1995
    by using an elimination diet, and then Debbie also cured herself by
    1997. Their doctor, Siegfried Schmidt, paying attention, tried it on
    two more patients, who got well, and are his third and fourth cases.
    RTM: aspartame in Merck Maxalt-MLT worsens migraine,
    AstraZeneca Zomig, Eli Lilly Zyprexa,
    J&J Merck Pepcid AC (Famotidine 10mg) Chewable Tab,
    Pfizer Cool Mint Listerine Pocketpaks 7.16.2 rmforall
    Migraine MLT-Down: an unusual presentation of migraine
    in patients with aspartame-triggered headaches.
    Newman LC, Lipton RB Headache 2001 Oct; 41(9): 899-901.
    [Merck 10-mg Maxalt-MLT, for migraine, has 3.75 mg aspartame,
    while 12 oz diet soda has 200 mg.]
    Headache Institute, St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY
    Department of Neurology
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
    Innovative Medical Research
    RTM: Blumenthall & Vance:
    aspartame chewing gum headaches Nov 1997 7.28.2 rmforall
    Harvey J. Blumenthal, MD, Dwight A Vance, RPh
    Chewing Gum Headaches.
    Headache 1997 Nov-Dec; 37(10): 665-6.
    Department of Neurology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine,
    Tulsa, USA.
    Aspartame, a popular dietetic sweetener, may provoke headache in some
    susceptible individuals. Herein, we describe three cases of young women
    with migraine who reported their headaches could be provoked by chewing
    gum sweetened with aspartame. [6-8 mg aspartame per stick chewing gum]
    Rich Murray: Gold: Koehler: Walton: Van Den Eeden: Leon:
    aspartame toxicity 6.4.1 rmforall four double-blind studies
    Rich Murray: Simmons: Gold: Schiffman: Spiers:
    aspartame toxicity 6.4.1 rmforall two double-blind studies
    aspartame puts formaldehyde adducts into tissues, Part 1/2
    full text, Trocho & Alemany 6.26.98: Murray 12.22.2 rmforall
    aspartame puts formaldehyde adducts into tissues, Part 2/2
    full text, Trocho & Alemany 6.26.98: Murray 12.22.2 rmforall
    Trocho C, Pardo R, Rafecas I, Virgili J, Remesar X,
    Fernandez-Lopez JA, Alemany M ["Trok-ho"]
    Formaldehyde derived from dietary aspartame binds to tissue
    components in vivo. Life Sci 1998 Jun 26; 63(5): 337-49.
    Departament de Bioquimica i Biologia Molecular, Facultat de Biologia,
    Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
    Maria Alemany, PhD (male)
    Murray: Butchko, Tephly, McMartin: Alemany: aspartame formaldehyde
    adducts in rats 9.8.2 rmforall
    Prof. Alemany vigorously affirms the validity of the Trocho study
    against criticism:
    Butchko, HH et al [24 authors], Aspartame: review of safety.
    Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol. 2002 April 1; 35 (2 Pt 2): S1-93, review
    available for $35, [an industry paid organ]. Butchko:
    "When all the research on aspartame, including evaluations in both the
    premarketing and postmarketing periods, is examined as a whole, it is
    clear that aspartame is safe, and there are no unresolved questions
    regarding its safety under conditions of intended use."
    [ They repeatedly pass on the ageless industry deceit that the methanol
    in fruits and vegetables is as as biochemically available as that in
    aspartame-- see the 1984 rebuttal by Monte, below.
    In the same report, Schiffman concludes on page S49, not citing any
    research after 1997, "Thus, the weight of the scientific evidence
    indicates that aspartame does not cause headache."
    Dr. Susan S. Schiffman, Dept. of Psychiatry, Duke University 919-684-3303, 660-5657
    Murray: Butchko, Tephly, McMartin: Alemany: aspartame formaldehyde
    adducts in rats 9.8.2 rmforall ]
    RTP ties to industry criticized by CSPI: Murray: 12.9.2 rmforall

    J. Nutrition 1973 Oct; 103(10): 1454-1459.
    Metabolism of aspartame in monkeys.
    Oppermann JA, Muldoon E, Ranney RE.
    Dept. of Biochemistry, Searle Laboratories,
    Division of G.D. Searle and Co. Box 5110, Chicago, IL 60680
    They found that about 70% of the radioactive methanol in aspartame put
    into the stomachs of 3 to 7 kg monkeys was eliminated within a day as
    carbon dioxide in exhaled air and as water in the urine. They did not
    mention that this meant that about 30% of the methanol must transform
    into formaldehyde and then into formic acid, much of which must remain
    as toxic products in all parts of the body. They did not report any
    studies on the distribution of radioactivity in body tissues, except
    that blood plasma proteins after 4 days held 4% of the initial
    methanol. This study did not monitor long-term use of aspartame.
    RTM: Samuels: Strong: Roberts: Gold: flaws in double-blind studies re
    aspartame and MSG toxicity 8.1.2 rmforall

    "Survey of aspartame studies: correlation of outcome and funding
    sources," 1998, unpublished:
    Walton found 166 separate published studies in the peer reviewed
    medical literature, which had relevance for questions of human safety.
    The 74 studies funded by industry all (100%) attested to aspartame's
    safety, whereas of the 92 non-industry funded studies, 84 (91%)
    identified a problem. Six of the seven non-industry funded studies
    that were favorable to aspartame safety were from the FDA, which
    has a public record that shows a strong pro-industry bias.
    Ralph G. Walton, MD, Prof. of Clinical Psychology, Northeastern Ohio
    Universities, College of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry, Youngstown,
    OH 44501, Chairman, The Center for Behavioral Medicine,
    Northside Medical Center, 500 Gypsy Lane, P.O. Box 240 Youngstown,
    OH 44501 330-740-3621
    Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Interest 1984:
    Monte: Murray 9.23.2 rmforall

    Dr. Woodrow C. Monte Aspartame: methanol, and the public health.
    Journal of Applied Nutrition 1984; 36 (1): 42-54.
    (62 references) Professsor of Food Science [retired 1992]
    Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287
    The methanol from 2 L of diet soda, 5.6 12-oz cans, 20 mg/can, is
    112 mg, 10% of the aspartame. The EPA limit for water is 7.8 mg daily
    for methanol (wood alcohol), a deadly cumulative poison. Many users
    drink 1-2 L daily. The reported symptoms are entirely consistent
    with chronic methanol toxicity. (Fresh orange juice has 34 mg/L, but,
    like all juices, has 16 times more ethanol, which strongly protects
    against methanol.)

    "Fruit and vegetables contain pectin with variable methyl ester
    content. However, the human has no digestive enzymes for pectin (6, 25)
    particularly the pectin esterase required
    for its hydrolysis to methanol (26).

    Fermentation in the gut may cause disappearance of pectin (6) but the
    production of free methanol is not guaranteed by fermentation (3). In
    fact, bacteria in the colon probably reduce methanol directly to formic
    acid or carbon dioxide (6) (aspartame is completely absorbed before
    reaching the colon). Heating of pectins has been shown to cause
    virtually no demethoxylation; even temperatures of 120 deg C produced
    only traces of methanol (3). Methanol evolved during cooking of high
    pectin foods (7) has been accounted for in the volatile fraction during
    boiling and is quickly lost to the atmosphere (49).
    Entrapment of these volatiles probably accounts for the elevation in
    methanol levels of certain fruit and vegetable products
    during canning (31, 33)."

    Recent research [see links at end of post] supports his focus on the
    methanol to formaldehyde toxic process:

    "The United States Environmental Protection Agency in their Multimedia
    Environmental Goals for Environmental Assessment recommends a minimum
    acute toxicity concentration of methanol in drinking water at 3.9 parts
    per million, with a recommended limit of consumption below 7.8 mg/day
    (8). This report clearly indicates that methanol:

    "is considered a cumulative poison
    due to the low rate of excretion once it is absorbed.
    In the body, methanol is oxidized to formaldehyde and
    formic acid; both of these metabolites are toxic." (8)....

    Recently the toxic role of formaldehyde (in methanol toxicity) has been
    questioned (34). No skeptic can overlook the fact that, metabolically,
    formaldehyde must be formed as an intermediate to formic acid
    production (54).

    Formaldehyde has a high reactivity which may be why it
    has not been found in humans or other primates during methanol
    poisioning (59)....

    If formaldehyde is produced from methanol and does have a reasonable
    half life within certain cells in the poisoned organism the chronic
    toxicological ramifications could be grave.

    Formaldehyde is a known
    carcinogen (57) producing squamous-cell carcinomas by inhalation
    exposure in experimental animals (22). The available epidemiological
    studies do not provide adequate data for assessing the carcinogenicity
    of formaldehyde in man (22, 24, 57).

    However, reaction of formaldehyde
    with deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) has resulted in irreversible
    denaturation that could interfere with DNA replication and result in
    mutation (37)...."
    Dr. J. Barua (ophthalmic surgeon), Dr. Arun Bal (surgeon)
    Emerging facts about aspartame.
    Journal Of The Diabetic Association Of India 1995; 35 (4):
    (79 references)
    "...the total amount of methanol absorbed will be approximately
    10% of aspartame ingested. An EPA assessment of methanol states
    that methanol, 'is considered a cumulative poison due to the low rate
    of excretion once it is absorbed. The absorbed methanol is then
    slowly converted to formaldehyde...'"
    "Reaction of formaldehyde with DNA has been observed,
    by spectrophotometry and electron microscopy, to result in
    irreversible denaturation."
    "DKP [from aspartame] has been implicated in the occurence of brain
    aspartame harms mice brain cells: Hetle & Eltervaag: 2001 thesis
    abstract: Sonnewald 1995 study, full text: Murray 1.5.3 rmforall
    WebMD: Barclay: Barth:
    survey shows aspartame hurts memory in students 11.9.00
    Timothy M. Barth Department of Psychology
    Texas Christian University TCU Box 298920 Fort Worth, TX 76129
    Chairman, Physiological Psychology 817-921-7410
    Kovatsi L, Tsouggas M
    The effect of oral aspartame administration on the
    balance of magnesium in the rat.
    Magnes Res 2001 Sep;14(3): 189-94.
    Laboratory of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine
    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    aspartame, cell phones, brain cancer July 1999 Hardell:
    Murray 1.9.3 rmforall
    Lennart Hardell, M.D., PhD, in 1999 reported in Sweden that both
    cell phone use and heavy aspartame use correlate with increased
    brain cancers +46 19 602 15 46
    Murray: Wurtman: aspartame & seizures 11.9.85 10.30.99
    Wurtman RJ Aspartame: possible effect on seizure susceptibility.
    Lancet 1985 Nov 9; 2(8463): 1060.
    Richard J. Wurtman, Ph.D. 617-253-3091
    Professor of Neuroscience
    Prof. of Health Sciences and Technology
    Massachusetts Institute of Technlogy Cambridge, Mass. 02139
    Murray: Drake: aspartame & panic attacks 9.13.86 10.30.99 rmforall
    Miles E. Drake, MD
    Panic attacks and excessive aspartame ingestion.
    Lancet 1986 Sep 13; 2(8507): 631.
    Department of Neurology and Psychiatry,
    Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA Truth in Labeling Campaign [MSG]
    Adrienne Samuels, PhD The toxicity/safety of processed
    free glutamic acid (MSG): a study in suppression of information.
    Accountability in Research 1999; 6: 259-310. 52-page review
    P.O. Box 2532 Darien, Illinois 60561
    858-481-9333 Debby Anglesey <>
    Battling the "MSG Myth", A Survival Guide and Cookbook - $19.00
    P.O. Box 895 Richland, WA 99352 509-735-3397
    Lancet website aspartame letter 7.29.99:
    Excitotoxins 1999 Part 1/3 Blaylock: Murray 1.14.0 rmforall
    The Medical Sentinel Journal 1999 Fall; (95 references)

    Russell L. Blaylock, MD 601-982-1175 Madison, Mississippi
    "Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills", 1977, 298 p., 493 references.
    "Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life", 2002, 459 p.,
    558 + 30 references, $ 30

    George R. Schwartz, MD "In Bad Taste: The MSG Syndrome", 1988
    PO Box 37470 Albuquerque, NM 87176 505-888-1394
    Kathleen Frazier, Publisher
    RTM: Merisant Co., MSD Capital, Dell Computer Corp., NutraSweet Co.,
    JW Childs Assc.: aspartame-neotame toxicity 7.10.2 rmforall David O. Rietz over 12,000 print pages
    Mission-Possible-USA Betty Martini 770-242-2599 many links Jeff Martin, Attorney
    What many informed doctors are saying/have said about aspartame 603-225-2100
    Aspartame Toxicity Information Center Mark D. Gold 12 East Side Drive #2-18 Concord, NH 03301
    "Scientific Abuse in Aspartame Research"

    Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline [1987-2001]
    Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder & President
    P.O. Box 780634 Dallas, TX 75378 .
    Toxicology Sourcebook: "Deadly Deception: Story of Aspartame"
    RTM: CBN:
    Totheroh & Robertson: aspartame expose 2.13.2 rmforall
    RTM: Ive: UK Daily Mirror Magazine: aspartame toxicity 2.18.2 rmforall
    RTM: original documents and long reviews of flaws in
    aspartame toxicity research 7.31.2 rmforall
    aspartame expose 96K Oct 1987 Part 1/3: Gregory Gordon, UPI reporter:
    Murray 7.10.0 rmforall
    aspartame history Part 1/4 1964-1976: Gold: Murray 11.6.9: rmforall
    Rumsfeld, 1977 head of Searle Corp., got aspartame FDA approval:
    Turner: Murray 12.23.2 rmforall
    revolving door, Monsanto, FDA, EPA: NGIN: Murray 12.23.2 rmforall
    safety of aspartame Part 1/2 12.4.2: EC HCPD-G SCF:
    Murray 1.12.3 rmforall EU Scientific Committee on Food
    hyperthyroidism (Graves disease) in George and Barbara Bush, 1991--
    aspartame toxicity? Roberts 1997: Murray 10.9.2 rmforall
    re "dry drunk": Bisbort: danger to President Bush from aspartame
    toxicity: Murray: 2.24.2 9.29.2 rmforall extensive vegan information
    Robert Kradjian MD Discusses Milk
    Joel Fuhrman critique of Atkins diet in "Eat To Live":
    Murray 3.1.3 rmforall

    Substitute stevia (at health food stores).
    Avoid all products with aspartame and MSG. Gradually reduce alcohol,
    caffeine (coffee, cocoa, and teas), meat, fish, eggs, milk, butter, and
    cheese, food additives and colors, fluoride, city water. Enjoy organic
    rice, beans, nuts, almond butter, vegetables, fruits, with modest use of
    soy products and sprouted grain breads, flax seed and olive oils, and
    fill your jugs with deionized water.
    ************************************************** *********

    Many scientific studies and case histories report: * headaches
    * many body and joint pains (or burning, tingling, tremors, twitching,
    spasms, cramps, stiffness, numbness, difficulty swallowing) * fever, fatigue,
    swollen glands * "mind fog", "feel unreal", poor memory, confusion, anxiety,
    irritability, depression, mania, insomnia, dizziness, slurred speech,
    sexual problems, poor vision, hearing (deafness, tinnitus), or taste
    * red face, itching, rashes, hair loss, burning eyes or throat, dry eyes or mouth,
    mouth sores, burning tongue * obesity, bloating, edema, anorexia,
    poor appetite or excessive hunger or thirst * breathing problems,
    shortness of breath * nausea, diarrhea or constipation * coldness * sweating
    * racing heart, low or high blood pressure, erratic blood sugar levels
    * hypothryroidism or hyperthyroidism * seizures * birth defects
    * brain cancers * addiction * aggrivates diabetes, autism, allergies, ADHD,
    fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity,
    multiple sclerosis, and interstitial cystitis (bladder pain).
    ************************************************** ********* Additives Survivors' Network (UK)
    Geoff Brewer <>
    Sarah Rogers <> Ireland John T. Linnell <> Australia FAILSAFE diet New Zealand France Spain Brazil Norway Germany Holland, in Dutch <> Italy 9 languages aspartame vs stevia 4.17.03 Greece India
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    Send blank post to: <br /> to join<br />free,open, list with searchable archives for toxicity issues.<br />Richard \"Rich\" T. Murray Room For All 1943 Otowi Road Santa Fe, NM 87505<br /> 505-501-2298