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    Oh, c'mon! Splenda is artifical, as in "developed in a lab." That should be enough for anyone to think twice about. If you don't care for the extra calories/crabs and such, consider alternatives to juices or sodas. There are plenty of low sugar, natural beverages on the market. Have you tried Vitamin Water? Delicious. Only 50 calories per serving. No Splenda!


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      There are more and more consumer groups coming out against Splenda every day. Check out this article about two California groups who came out the other day saying Splenda is misleading people.

      Consumer Organizations Ask Attorney General to Review Splenda's Advertising Practices

      Two of California???????„?s leading consumer organizations released a letter today urging California???????„?s Attorney General to look into what may be misleading advertising practices by the makers of Splenda, McNeil Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The letter, signed by Consumers First and the California Alliance for Consumer Protection, specifically calls attention to a series of advertisements that replace the word ???????sugar??????? with the word ???????Splenda???????.

      Read the rest here:


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        Good, bad or indifferent, I would like a choice of sweeteners if I am going to drink diet colas. In the US market, Coca Cola is testing ther use of Splenda as opposed to aspartame in diet Coke. I contacted Coke Canada, and they have no plans to market this in Canada.
        If Pepsi marketed their diet cola with Splenda in Canada, I suspect it would be a big hit, as a number of people *I* know are avoiding aspartame for one reason or another. Right now I am stocking up on Coke with splenda whenever I cross the border to the States, but I do prefer the taste of Pepsi.
        I don't know who to contact at Pepsi Canada to ask about marketing here.


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          I saw this and thought you might find it interesting...

          At Risk Hispanics and Native Americans Fight Back

          By Raoul Lowery Contreras,

          November 19, 2005

          Diabetes is rampant among Hispanics and Native Americans-- myself included. Gone are the days I smothered my corn flakes with brown sugar; gone are my cheesecakes and even my caf????© con leche y azucar (milk and sugar).

          More bad news: Recent studies indicate that two million youngsters may be headed into a Diabetes plagued life.

          High natural sugars in fruit and abnormally high percentages of processed sugar in canned and packaged foods assault us everywhere. We who are afflicted need help, not from shutdowns on sugar intake as much as by substitute products that can give us the sweetness in our oatmeal, our corn flakes or coffee.

          Given that most of us were raised on sweets, sugar-laden pies, cakes, candy and soft drinks and, recently, with high fructose corn syrups, the national "epidemic" of diabetes is heartbreaking. Reading labels on cans and packages take up our time and effort in the never-ending task of finding foods and products we can enjoy. Substitute sweeteners allow us to enjoy that sweetness we so enjoy and remember.
          Substitute sweeteners have been around for decades. Wild rumors have floated around about the unhealthiness of some of them for years but, except for saccharin, no one ever produced any legitimate negative studies that hold out sugar substitutes as dangerous or truly unhealthy. The saccharin scare of three decades ago was a false alarm. Nonetheless, the Sugar Industry reveled in the saccharin scare, despite its falseness.
          Like D????©j????Â* Vu all over again, the Sugar Industry has launched a campaign against the newest sweetener, Splenda. Has it done so with a mantra of scientific studies and scientists? If so, where are they?

          The truth is that over a hundred scientific studies have found nothing negative about Splenda and its use by people like me. The Sugar Industry and its publicists offer no proof, nor any well-regarded experts to challenge Splenda. In fact, if it weren???????„?t for the Internet and web sites, the anti-Splenda campaign by the Sugar Industry would be invisible.

          I???????„?m concerned because I use Splenda in my coffee, on my cereal and on any other foods that need sweetening to my tastes. I???????„?m concerned with an open mind. I am concerned because my fellow Hispanics and Native Americans are besieged by diabetes, the prime disease among us that can lead to so many other ailments and death.
          So what???????„?s the story, sugar industry, what are your complaints about Splenda that have a scientific basis? Do you have any proof? I haven???????„?t seen any. Thus, I continue to recommend Splenda to friends because sugar will kill them, and me. I am not alone. Splenda rocketed to number one in sugar substitute sales within 5-years of its introduction. That is not an accident.

          Without many, many studies by legitimate scientists, I see no need to pay attention to high priced public relations consultants who can???????„?t back of their criticisms of my sweetener of choice.

          For millions of Hispanics and Native Americans, we are talking about a matter of life and death. Science and taste guide my use of sugar substitutes-- not press releases by sugar industry hired guns.


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            There's only one product with sucralose nationwide in Mexico: Pe????±afiel Naturel...

            and this products of the Coca-Cola bottler BEPENSA, only available in the southeast of Mexico.

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              Up to now there is no evidence for potential danger to health from sucralose. Though you can never be 100% sure about that.


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                shortened summary for common drinks:

                C2 --- 12 apspartame, 12 ace-k, 2 sucralose
                Coke Zero 58 asp, 31 ace-k
                Diet Coke 125 asp
                Diet Cherry 50 asp, 34 ace-k
                Sprite Zero 50 asp, 34 ace-k
                Diet Mello Yello 38 asp, 86 ace-k

                So assuming equal toxicity among sweeteners C2 is healthier than the others as the total dosages are lower.
                I have 12 packs in my fridge, closet, trunk, and occasionally in random locations.


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                  FWIW, I saw the new Splenda nock off "Altern" at Walmart last weekend. News across the web has it as being of chinese origin and the maker of Splenda thinks the unkown manufacturer is violating one or more patents in making it.
                  I have 12 packs in my fridge, closet, trunk, and occasionally in random locations.


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                    Originally posted by Mana211:
                    FWIW, I saw the new Splenda nock off "Altern" at Walmart last weekend. News across the web has it as being of chinese origin and the maker of Splenda thinks the unkown manufacturer is violating one or more patents in making it.
                    Are you kidding me!? A company out of China disregarding laws that pertain to copyrights and patents....this is Unbelievable!

                    Whether you think can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right!


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                      I think the argument over aspartame vs. sucralose is a "lesser of two evils" debate. Obviously neither of them is going to be ideal, because they are both manufactured rather than natural. But the question should be "which one is LESS bad for you" - I don't think anybody is saying either one is harmless.

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                        If you are willing to try an artificial chemical sweetener why not try an all natural herb that is 100 times sweeter than sugar NATURALLY, not made in a lab! I have been a huge fan of stevia for a long time now. You can actually bake and cook with it since it can be heated up to 400 degrees without it changing, unlike the chemical sweeteners that shouldn't be heated. I finally got all my family and friends off of diet sodas and chemical sweeteners and they feel amazing. I myself have never been a fan of those nasty chemical sweeteners they have always made me feel sick to my stomach when i ever tried one. Stevia however, is great with no evil side affects....just my 2cents!
                        Peace & Love & Health to all....choose all natural


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                          Read the wiki:

                          Most of the posts here seem like tacitical posts by someone trying to smere Splenda. All the so called evidence does not pass the snopes bs detector. A mixture of nut jobs and those with interests in the sugar industry.

                          Sugar we know is bad for you when abused (as is common in our society)


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                            I don't have any agendas, but whenever I drink anything with Splenda I get heartburn