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  • Tagatose or Naturlose

    Anyone ever hear of a new sweetner called Tagatose marketed under the brandname Naturlose?

    Know anything about it?

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    I went to their website- glanced through it. Seems like it could be too good to be true. All this great stuff is on the site, but why hasn't the average Joe/Jane heard of it if it is so fab?

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention- I didn't know it existed.
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      Reikicara asks, "why hasn't the average Joe/Jane heard of it"

      Because the average Joe/Jane is lucky enough to be able to identify the US on a map, much less demonstrate much familiarity with food additives and novel sweeteners.

      Tagatose is very real, and has a number of scientific test results and the approval of the FDA, JECFA and FSANZ regulatory agenies behind it. It only became available to the general US public with the national roll-out of the Diet Pepsi Slurpee in mid-2003, and the Light & Tasty line of fruit juices produced by PASCO and sold in Walmarts and FoodLion stores in 2004. Now, an australian company is producing the first chocolate sweetened with Tagatose. It's called Chocolite, and while not for dieters, it qualifies as a TRUE chocolate rather than the many imitation chocolates.

      Keep your ear to the ground and you'll hear more and more about this novel sweetener in the next couple years. Dozens of food and nonfood patents and patent appl. show how many companies are interested. It has some incredible properties that still need formal scientific assessment before claims are made.

      The most important might be its anti-biofilm property (it literally breaks up plaque, and is cheaper than the compounds used in PLAX).


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        How does tagatose compare with xylitol, which has become pretty well-known for its dental benefits?


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