BevNET Industry Buyer’s Guides

BevNET’s buyer guides are vital resources to the beverage industry.

The guides feature beverage brands, as well as supplier and service companies. They are published on and in BevNET Magazine. BevNET Magazine has over 20,000 subscribers, and receives over 100,000 monthly visitors.

IMPORTANT: Many companies are eligible to list in multiple guides each year. For questions on listings, please contact John Fischer at or by calling 857-472-3071.

Here are the various guides we publish:

Functional Beverage Guide – March Issue

  • Functional beverage brands
  • Suppliers and service providers for functional beverage brands

View / Download 2017 Functional Beverage Guide>>

Supplier and Services Guide – April/May Issue

  • Companies that supply good and services to: non-alcoholic beverage companies of all kinds, beer companies, and natural food companies.

List in 2017 Guide >>  |  View / Download 2016 Guide >>

Natural Beverage Guide – July/August Issue

  • Brands targeting the natural channel, including waters
  • Includes suppliers and service providers for natural beverage brands

List in 2017 Guide >>  | View / Download 2016 Guide >>

New Beverage Guide – November / December Issue

  • New and updated products from previous year, across all categories
  • Does not include suppliers and service companies

List in 2017 Guide >>  |  View / Download 2016 Guide >>

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