AriZona Cherry Lime Rickey: Cherry Lime Rickey

by AriZona Beverage Co.

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Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


23.5oz Can

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Review: Cherry Lime Rickey

Posted: Aug 27, 2012 at 10:48 AM (Last Updated: Sep 05, 2012 at 10:49 AM)
AriZona’s Cherry Lime Rickey is a flavor that was created by consumers (both the can design and the flavor were the result of a consumer contest) as part of the 20th anniversary celebration for the company. Inside the massive 23.5 oz. can is an updated version of the classic raspberry lime rickey, with the most obvious adjustment being the use of cherry flavor instead of raspberry. Otherwise, they’ve used a sweetener blend of high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium along with added juice concentrates (10% juice). All of this makes for a flavor that is still very much a lime rickey and tastes like a full calorie CSD, but with a slightly lower level of calories and sugar per serving. It’s definitely a satisfying and enjoyable flavor, but the 23.5 oz. can is simply too big. While the drink is labeled as having “about 3” servings, the container is not resealable, which, in turn, makes it something that is still designed to be consumed in a short period of time (and also making for almost 210 calories and 54g of sugar). A smaller portion size would definitely be sufficient. Visually, the product has a look that’s reminiscent of street art or graffiti. It’s bold and colorful, but isn’t the most easy to read design. Plus, you have to turn the can around to see that it’s an AriZona product (although this might be remedied in the store by placing it amongst their other products). Overall, this is a fun limited release product, but a smaller package would definitely make it better in our opinion.