Asi Yaupon Tea: Sweet Tea

by ASI Yaupon Tea

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Tea: Sweetened


14 Oz Glass

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Review: Sweet Tea

Posted: Sep 01, 2015 at 11:15 AM (Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015 at 1:59 PM)
This product is Asi’s play on the classic Southern-style sweet tea, and it’s probably the flavor of that is the most marketable (the brand's Honey Blossom & Mint is a close second). Asi starts with its base of wild harvested yaupon tea and then adds cane sugar (there’s also bicarbonate of soda as a preservative) to the tune of 16g of total sugars per 14 oz. bottle. While it’s far from sweet or being what we’d consider authentic Southern-style sweet tea, it’s definitely the tastiest flavor of the bunch. Each bottle has 60 calories and, as previously mentioned, 16g of sugar, which puts it nicely in the “not so sweet” category of teas. It’s smooth and light, with a flavor that’s similar in style to a yerba mate or guayusa, but even more similar in body to black tea. The product is non-GMO Project verified but not USDA Organic certified, although it uses mostly organic ingredients. Hopefully the company will get the product certified in the near future; we think it will be pretty important for its target audience. From a packaging and positioning perspective, we feel as though the product has a lot of work to do. While it’s great that Asi describes it as tea, calling it Sweet Tea, which it’s not, and calling out antioxidants do not seem like the best moves. Beyond that, Asi really needs to get a better quality label -- it feels and looks really cheap. Finally, emphasizing the U.S-grown aspect of it a bit heavier would be good as this is a nice point of differentiation. Overall, there's a nice base to work with, but the product definitely needs some refinement in its approach.