Coco Exposed: Wheatgrass

by SPI West Port, Inc.

Product Type

Juice: Coconut Water and Juice, Juice: Aloe Vera


11.8 oz PET

Nutritional Info

Calories: 60 Calories from fat: 0 Total Fat 0% Cholesterol: 0% Sodium: 55mg / 2% Potassium: 480mg / 14% Total Carb: 15g / 5% Dietary Fiber: 0% Sugars: 14g Protein: 0g Vitamin A: 4% Vitamin C: 30% Calcium: 2% Iron: 20%


natural coconut water from concentrate, aloe vera juice, aloe vera pulp, mangosteen juice, mango juice, citric acid, vitamiin C (ascorbic acid)

Bevnet Rating
3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars

Review: Wheatgrass

Posted: Feb 29, 2012 at 9:35 AM (Last Updated: Mar 05, 2012 at 11:47 AM)
Coco Exposed’s Wheatgrass flavor is made with a blend of 88 percent coconut water (from concentrate) and 12 percent juice. Inside the bottle, the liquid, which has a muted green tone, definitely tastes like a blend of aloe vera (with pulp), wheatgrass, and coconut water. There is not added sugar, which keeps the product very light in body (and the calories to 60 per 11.8 oz. bottle), with the juice and coconut water providing the only sweetness and flavor to the drink. The aloe vera pulp, which is suspended throughout, adds a unique and exotic feeling to it. All in all, it’s a nice mashup of a coconut water and aloe vera drink. On the outside, the 11.8 oz bottle looks like something that’s designed to be good for you, with soothing green and white tones to it. However, unless you already know what Coco Exposed is, it’s not immediately obvious what this drink is. Having a six sided bottle is a bit of a challenge and the various ingredients don’t like cohesive elements since each one is on a different panel. Figuring out a way to tie these together would be helpful -- the consumer has to be able to quickly figure out that this is an aloe, wheatgrass, and coconut water beverage. Giving coconut water the main billing and having aloe and wheatgrass as supplemental flavors seems like it would make for broad appeal. Overall, we like the blend that they’ve created and the overall feeling of the brand, but some improvements to the communication of its flavors would be helpful.