Derby Energy Drink

by DerbyNRG USA

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Derby Energy drink was designed primarly for on premise use. We offer 1 flavor (regular & sugar free). Taste is similar to leading on premise energy drink but without metalic aftertase as we are packaged in plastic (PET) bottle. Large 1 liter bottles (silver & black) are for use at bars. Fits well in speed racks (pourer fits in bottle) and for table service. Small bottles used for anyone wanting just energy drink at venue. The 1 liter GOLD bottle is only given to exclusive venues. Small bottles are 24 to a case (11oz). Feature benefit is screw on cap. 1 liter bottles are 12 to a case and are exaclty twice the ounces of any 8.4oz energy drink case.


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