Drink Maple: Drink Maple (2014)

by Drink Maple LLC

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Juice: Plant Water


250mL Tetrapak

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Review: Drink Maple (2014)

(Last Updated: Jun 13, 2014 at 9:50 AM)
Marketed as a “pure maple water,” Drink Maple is made with a single ingredient: maple sap. If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear maple sap is maple syrup. Yet when it comes to flavor, this product is a distant cousin from the stuff that you put on pancakes. Instead, this is the water that is harvested from maple trees, minimally processed and packaged in an 8.45 oz. Tetra Pak container. The flavor is light and refreshing, with just a touch of maple sweetness to it. Low in calories (20 per container along with 4g of sugar), the product positions itself as having 46 nutrients and more manganese than a cup of kale. From our perspective, the low-calorie profile and refreshing flavor are likely to be the biggest selling points. On the outside, the package is simple, but feels a bit rough around the edges (kind of like coconut water did in the early days). Our only design criticism is that it’s unclear if the brand is “Maple” (as it says on the front) or “Drink Maple” (as it says on the top). The latter certainly feels more like an actual brand name, so we think they should incorporate it into the front panel in the future. But overall, we think this a great start and one of the more approachable and better executed maple waters out there.