EQNX Harvest

by Equinox Beverage

Official Brand Overview

We Harvest our birch water every spring during the Equinox. This is the time of year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, which the imaginary line that projects into outer space above the Earth’s equator. Equinox is the only time of the year that day and night are the same length. We Harvest our birch water from the biggest and best resources in Northern Europe, where, where historically, birch sap has been produced & consumed for its health benefits for centuries. Every birch tree is harvested by hand using the most basic and traditional taping methods. During the Spring Equinox, trees are waking up from their winter sleep and their roots begin to send nutrient rich water to the rest of the tree. This water has been stored throughout the winter for this very moment. This is the optimal time to tap the birch tree and cause no harm to the trees themselves. , Birch water, which is full of natural nutrients and minerals during this time, is collected into buckets directly from the tree.

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