Harmless Harvest Harmless Coconut Probiotics

by Harmless Harvest

Video: Harmless Harvest’s Sustained Drive for Innovation

Although the use of HPP has been limited to a handful of beverages in the juice and coconut water categories, the processing method -- which uses pressure instead of heat to make a raw product safe to consume -- has for the first time been employed in a tea drink. And, unsurprisingly, it's the restless folks at Harmless Harvest, which helped pioneer the use of HPP in beverages, who are behind it.

Harmless Harvest Launches First 100% Raw & Organic Tea at Whole Foods

In 2011, Harmless Harvest launched its 100% raw & organic coconut water to popular acclaim.  Two years later the pioneering beverage company has set out to “reconnect people to the plant” in another beverage category: Tea.

As with their first product, when it comes to tea, the madness (or genius) is in the method:  After two years of research and development, the company has finalized …

Harmless Harvest Pours It On with New Bag in Box Dispenser

The folks at Harmless Harvest just can’t seem to shake the innovation bug. Having launched the first 100 percent “raw” and organic coconut water two years ago and recently unveiled a unique cold brewed drink made with raw tea leaves, the company has introduced a new bag-in-box coconut water dispenser. The dispenser was jointly developed with Whole Foods Market, a key strategic retail partner for Harmless Harvest.

BevNET TV: Harmless Harvest Launches Innovative “Raw” Tea

It was nearly two years ago when Harmless Harvest launched a first-of-its-kind “raw” and organic coconut water, in which the company utilized high pressure processing (HPP), instead of pasteurization, as a means of delivering not only a safe product, but one that retained the flavor profile and nutrients of the liquid closer its original form. Today, Harmless Harvest has once again turned to HPP to launch an innovative line of organic, cold-brewed tea drinks.

Harmless Harvest Gets Fresh (Market, That Is)

In yet another coup for the brand, Harmless Harvest has added specialty grocery chain The Fresh Market to the rapidly growing list of retailers carrying its raw and organic coconut water. The Fresh Market , known for its innovative and on-trend product mix, as well as an affluent and influential consumer base, will launch Harmless Harvest in its 115 stores later this spring.

BevNET TV: Harmless Harvest at Expo West 2012

By any account, Harmless Harvest was one of the most talked about brands at Expo West 2012, and it certainly wasn’t for a lack of influential enthusiasts. From Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent declaration that she is “obsessed” with Harmless Harvest and that “it puts all other coconut water to shame,” to a feature story in Vogue that called the beverage one of “the new health kicks of the season,” the brand has – intentionally or not - cultivated a well-heeled (or at least high-heeled) following.

Blueprint and Harmless Harvest Apply High Pressure “Pascalization” to Raw Juice and Coconut Water

March, 2012—With demand for unaltered juices shifting into the mainstream, pioneering beverage companies BluePrint and Harmless Harvest have turned towards a technology called HPP to safely deliver the nutrition of raw ingredients without modifying the taste in any way.   HPP, which uses high pressure instead of heat to inhibit microflora growth in fresh food, is achieving significant results in the fresh, raw beverage category.…

Expo West Debut: Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, 16 oz.

Harmless Harvest is set to launch a 16 oz. bottle for its 100 percent raw and organic coconut water. The new package size has a suggested retail price of $4.99 and will be distributed nationally - along with its 8 oz. counterpart - at natural foods stores, grocery stores, and co-ops through UNFI. Harmless Harvest wrapped up a three month exclusive deal with Whole Foods on January 1, and its coconut water is now sold in over 1,000 stores across the country.

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