Jeff's New York Egg Cream: Coffee Dream

by Egg Cream America, Inc.

Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


9.5oz glass

Nutritional Info

serving size 9.5 fl oz;
calories 170;
fat 1g;
saturated fat 0.5g;
cholesterol 5mg;
sodium 40g;
total carb 40 fiber 1g;
sugars 40protein 1g


carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, milk, cream, cellulose gum, natural flavors, phosporic acid, potassium benzoate & potassium sorbate

Bevnet Rating
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

Review: Coffee Dream

Posted: Dec 17, 2002 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Jan 17, 2003 at 3:03 PM)
Jeff's Coffee Dream Soda isn't exactly an egg cream, but rather a hybrid soda that's a mix of a chocolate soda and a coffee soda. The result is something that has the same great flavor that you'd expect from a quality coffee soda, but with a splash of sweet chocolate flavor. Overall, we like it, but the quality of the ingredients / formulation could perhaps be improved. The use of the corn syrup and some of the other ingredients leave it with a slightly syrupy consistency.