Naked Fruit Juice and Oats: Apple Raisin Oat

by Naked Juice

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Juice: Juice Drink


9.5 oz Glass

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Review: Apple Raisin Oat

Posted: Mar 14, 2012 at 10:09 AM (Last Updated: Mar 22, 2012 at 11:02 AM)
Of the Naked Fruit Juice & Oat Smoothie flavors that we sampled, the Apple Raisin Oat flavor tastes the most like a traditional oatmeal flavor. Plus, incorporating apple helps the added apple juice not seem out of place or overbearing as it does in the other varieties. The consistency of the product is its most unique aspect, with bits of oats and almonds making for a thick and chunky body. While this isn’t normally a desirable trait, it makes total sense for a product that appears to be all about taking a bowl of oatmeal and putting it into a bottle. Compared with some of the other products that are also doing this, we like Naked’s approach -- it feels like real food in a bottle as opposed to a hidden enhancement on an otherwise standard drink. Visually, the clear glass packaging gives the consumer the ability to view the oats and almonds, which creates a sense of intrigue and helps set the stage for what’s inside the bottle. Otherwise, what they’ve created is clean and whets the appetite. Overall, this is a very innovative (probably one of their most innovative to date) and well executed product from Naked.