Nantucket Nectars Organic

by Nantucket Nectars

This brand is no longer available’s “Best Of” 2004

(Note: This article also ran in the January/February issue of Beverage Spectrum Magazine)

Two thousand and four was an interesting year for the soft-drink industry. Low-carb diets, energy drinks, consolidation and rising material costs were some of the major themes of the year. At, we saw more than 300 new products in 2004, ranging from the excellent to the strange and awful. We’ve …


@@img1 NANTUCKET, Massachusetts (May 2, 2004) — Until now, enjoying the goodness of organic juice meant sacrifice: hard to find, hard to keep refrigerated, and taste left much to be desired. Now with the launch of its new organic juice and organic juice cocktail line, Nantucket Nectars offers an easy, great-tasting alternative for health conscious consumers. Packaged in grab-and-go 15-ounce bottles, convenient 32-ounce multi-serve size …

Juice Guys Introduce NectarFizz Carbonated Juice Drink

NectarsFizz is Nantucket Nectars first carbonated beverage.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – 10/8/2002 – Nantucket Nectars continues to innovate with the initial introduction of NectarFizz, a new juice drink that combines the health benefits of juice with the refreshment qualities of carbonation. The new line is packaged in 16oz proprietary bottles and is available in six flavors: Blackberry Fizz, Orange Mango Fizz, Pink Grapefruit Fizz and Raspberry Lime Fizz. NectarFizz represents the same Nantucket …