Orbitz: Vanilla Orange

by Clearly Canadian

This brand is no longer available

Product Type

Juice: Juice Drink


300mL(10.14 fl oz)

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: 1 bottle (10.14fl oz) Servings per Container: 1 Amount per serving: Calories: 120 Total Fat: 0g Sodium: 5mg Protein: 0g Total Carbohydrates: 32g Sugars: 30g


water, glucose/fructose, citric acid, sodium citrate, sugar, natural flavor, gellan gum, xantham gum color

Bevnet Rating
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Review: Vanilla Orange

Posted: Mar 24, 1998 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Sep 14, 2002 at 6:42 AM)
One of the worst tasting beverages that we have ever had. It is really impossible to enjoy a beverage that has little balls floating in it. Orange Vanilla flavored Orbitz does not really have a defined taste. They seem to be banking on its looks to get people to buy it. Stay away from this beverage.