Outpost Coffee: Outpost Cold Brew

by Outpost Coffee

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Coffee: Cold Brew


12oz glass

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Review: Outpost Cold Brew

(Last Updated: Nov 06, 2014 at 10:57 AM)
While we’ve seen many beverage brands go for a minimalist approach, Outpost Cold Brew somehow has managed to take things to a new level. On the 12 oz. long-neck amber bottle, the company places a stark white label, which has a lot of white space and minimal copy. Outpost has opted to forgo any explanation of the origin or quality of the beans. Instead, the front of the bottle features the phrases “coffee + h2o” and “true light refreshing.” On the back, you’ll find a simple explanation of what cold brew is, but the company has chosen to not follow the trend of hyping up its own process or approach. As for the liquid inside the bottle, it’s a very smooth and medium-bodied cold brew that’s ready-to-drink (as opposed to concentrate). True, light and refreshing are accurate descriptors of this cold brew, and we would have no problem quickly taking down the entire 12 oz. bottle. In terms of Outpost's approach and positioning, it could, at least in some settings, send a message that the product is small-batch made. On the other hand, it certainly seems like something that could border on generic or being a commodity. Still, we think that it’s a risk worth taking to stand out from the crowd, though we’re not totally sold on using a soda/beer bottle. Overall, we’re fans of Outpost Cold Brew, both for its enjoyable flavor and the company's simple approach to crafting a high quality product.