Tsamma Watermelon Juice: Tsamma Watermelon Juice

by Frey Farms, LLC

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Juice: Fruit Juice


12oz PET

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Review: Tsamma Watermelon Juice

(Last Updated: Oct 17, 2014 at 10:45 AM)
Tsamma is a new product that is marketed as a watermelon juice beverage. Aside from containing 95 percent watermelon juice, which is cold-pressed, the product contains white grape and pomegranate juices from concentrate, malic acid (used for tartness) and natural flavors. The product has been pasteurized, albeit “gently,” and the resulting product is labeled as being 100 percent juice. From a taste perspective, it delivers a bold and sweet watermelon flavor that’s definitely pleasing to the palate. However, the addition of the pomegranate and white grape juices definitely seems to get in the way slightly. And honestly, with a competitor that is high pressure processed, we think that the company needs to up its game. We’d say that about the packaging as well. While we like the funky theme and design of the bottle, there are some usability issues with the text. Specifically, with the type treatment and vertical orientation, it’s hard to read the name of the product and quickly figure out what it is. In addition, placing “95% watermelon juice” in small font requires close examination -- and begs the question as to what the other 5 percent is. We’d suggest making it both easier on the eyes and tweaking the product name such that it has a more confident stance on what the product is. Overall, we definitely think there’s room for another watermelon product on the market, and while Tsamma's starting point is pretty good, we feel as though the company needs to adjust the labeling -- and perhaps formulation -- to fully capitalize on it.