Latest News from BevNET Live Winter 2013

Watch Live Tomorrow: Cannabis Forum Summer 2019 Presentations

Cannabis curious CPG professionals will be in New York City tomorrow for Cannabis Forum Summer 2019. If you can’t join them, and you’re also curious, tune into the free livestream on Friday, June 14th, which features all main stage presentations. Set a reminder for 9AM ET tomorrow and open up the livestream page to check out the conversations.

Cannabis Forum: Creating Equality & Economic Justice in Cannabis

How can the cannabis industry grow in a manner that supports equality of economic opportunity and social justice for individuals and communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs? At the Cannabis Forum next month we will explore potential answers to that vitally important question with the help of Rashaan Everett, the CEO of Good Tree Holdings LLC, and Willie Mack, Co-founder & President, Think BIG.

Watch Live Tomorrow: BevNET Live Day 1 Main Stage Presentations & Additional Interviews

If you can’t make it to BevNET Live Summer 2019, you don’t have to miss out on the two days of leading beverage industry discussions happening on stage and as part of our Livestream Studio. We will make a free livestream of the event available on June 12th and 13th, thanks to the support of Zuckerman Honickman - so bookmark the livestream page and set a reminder!

Roll Up Extra Cannabis Knowledge with BevNET Live and the Cannabis Forum Next Week

CBD, THC, Hemp. Cannabis-derived ingredients are quickly being adapted for the consumer packaged food space, specifically within food and beverage. We’ll talk about it and how it impacts your business at both BevNET Live and the Cannabis Forum next week in New York City. Looking to add CBD to your beverage? Is it right for your product, and do your consumers care? The best way to explore the space: a first-hand account of someone that has taken the leap and a data wizard who knows everything about the cannabis market numbers and where they’re headed.

BevNET Live: Meet the New Faces of Beverage VC

There are more emerging beverage brands in the marketplace than ever before. How do they find the funding to support growth and compete with the big guys? Founding partners from TGZ Capital, M3 Ventures and LivWell Ventures will take the BevNET Live Summer 2019 stage next month to provide their take on the future of beverage and how it will be impacted by consumer trends.

BevNET Live: Beverage School Startup Education on June 11

Beverage School is a half-day educational session on June 11th, in the afternoon prior to the main BevNET Live Summer 2019 event. This additional, mini-course is free to BevNET Live attendees and provides a jumpstart for early-stage beverage startups and industry newcomers by taking a look at the basics of operating and growing a beverage company.

Cannabis Forum: Challenges for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial journey is difficult - and entering an emerging and fast-changing market doesn’t make it easier. At Cannabis Forum next month a panel of industry trailblazers will help those entrepreneurs better navigate the ambiguous space by providing their take on the challenges that face cannabis entrepreneurs.