Latest News from BevNET Live Winter 2013

Video: Building Sweet Leaf Tea

Building a company, balancing the way investment can help it grow, and finally selling it off – it’s a process every entrepreneur needs to consider, and one that was addressed…

BevNET Live Evaluates Retail Channels, Inside and Outside the Mainstream

Try to build a beverage brand, and you’re likely to hear questions about chain stores, DSD and the leap from Whole Foods into convenience and grocery. But there are plenty of viable companies that have developed exciting and profitable beverage businesses without going anywhere near those main retail channels. From Internet sales to Yoga Studios, from Multi-Level-Marketing platforms to Dollar Stores, there are many classes of trade that allow brands to reach their full potential – or at least offer other retailers key glimpses of what that potential might be.

Incubating from the Inside Out With Coke’s VEB Group

BevNET is pleased to announce that G. Scott Uzzell, the VP and General Manager of Emerging Brand Incubation, will give a brief presentation revealing the insights that the Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB) unit of Coca-Cola has leaned as it looks to grow entrepreneurial brands within a company the size of VEB's parent company. Mr. Uzzell leads a team of commercial and marketing professionals responsible for marketing, business development, and operations for the “what is new and what is next” brands for the Venturing & Emerging Brands Group.