2012 – Expo East

Expo East 2012 Booth Check In: Marley Beverage Co.

In this video interview filmed at Marley Beverage Co.’s bustling booth at the recently held 2012 Natural Products Expo East show, BevNET founder and CEO spoke with Marley's Kevin McClafferty about the surging success of the brand, the decision to remove Melatonin from its relaxation drinks, and how transitioning its One Drop coffee line into cans, puts Marley in a better position to compete in the RTD coffee category.

Bai Quietly Discontinues Original Line in Favor of Bai5

Sharpening its focus on growing trends of health and wellness, Bai Brands has quietly phased out its original line of coffee fruit-infused drinks in favor of its five-calorie Bai5 line. According to Bai Brands founder Ben Weiss, the company ceased production of the original line "about three months ago," and has set sights on careful expansion of the Bai5 brand with a goal of national distribution by the first quarter of 2014.

Download BevNET’s 2012 Natural Products Expo East Show Planner

New Hope Natural Media’s annual Expo East show returns to the Baltimore Convention Center this week. Expo East along with its sister show Expo West, are the leading venues to see and sample all-natural and organic products. As always, BevNET.com will be on hand to cover and report on the beverage-related exhibitors at the show – over 100 in total this year.

Expo East: New Hope Discusses Trends

Expo East kicks off on Sept. 20 in Baltimore, and when it does it will be accompanied by the debut of a year-long research initiative, New Hope 360’s Next Report. BevNET had a chance to speak with New Hope editor Carlotta Mast about some of the trends that are particularly applicable to the beverage category.