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In a year of high-profile lawsuits regarding the use of "natural" to describe food and beverage products, it is critical for companies to thoroughly vet marketing claims prior to bringing their brands to market.

Justin Prochnow, an attorney with Greenberg Traurig, LLP who focuses primarily on regulatory issues in the food and beverage industry, advises brand owners to proceed with extreme caution when using the word "natural" in their labels, packages and other marketing materials.

"I tell people now, it's really gotten to the point where unless you pulled it out of the ground yourself and stuck it in the box or bottle and put the label on it, I would have a hard time making an all-natural claim," Prochnow said.

In this video, Prochnow discusses the continued ambiguity associated with calling a product “all-natural” and explains the rules for labeling food and beverage items “organic."


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