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Sixteen years ago, Seth Goldman was, like many early-stage beverage entrepreneurs, armed with an idea, but with little experience in the industry, and in those days, there was (unfortunately) no BevNET FBU to help Goldman with the launch of his brand.

It certainly took a lot of hard work -- and definitely caused a few bumps and bruises -- but in 2014, Goldman, the co-founder and TeaEO of Honest Tea, now sits atop the a company that reached over $110 million in 2013 sales.

Sharing the wealth of experience that he’s acquired over the years, Goldman recently sat down with BevNET FBU to offer his insight and advice on a range of topics, including financing for new and early-stage brands, hiring decisions and brand development.

In the following video, Goldman discusses the challenge of working with both large natural distributors like UNFI and regional direct store distributors (DSD), each of which often seek exclusive agreements with a brand. To address the issue, Honest Tea introduced a new plastic package for its DSD partners, a decision that Goldman calls "an important evolution" for the brand.


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