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One of the biggest marketing issues still plaguing large food and beverage companies is how to implement a successful social media campaign.  What is the secret to getting consumers engaged with your brand?  Well, here is an area where being small might not be such a bad thing.

In this video, Lara Bandler, a brand and marketing consultant for Lara B Consulting, talked to FBU about how to implement a successful social media strategy and how the key to success is directly related to the level of engagement your brand has with its consumers.  “[I’m working with] a brand with very few followers that is just getting started,” Bandler said, “but have 40 percent engagement, which is really high and that’s because the people who follow them really care about their brand.”

Watch Bandler’s segment on BevNET FBU in its entirety (subscription required) for more of her tips on building social media strategies including implementing one on a small budget.


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