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Consumer demand for organic drinks is thriving, and it’s clear that beverage companies are taking notice. From juices and smoothies to colas and energy drinks, marketers are introducing products in a bevy of categories to satisfy the growing thirst for organic beverages.

However, navigating the process to achieve organic certification can be expensive, complex and time-consuming, particularly for new beverage companies. As such, it is extremely important to understand the sourcing requirements and labeling directives necessary to market an organic product.

In this video, Darryl Williams, a processing technical specialist at Oregon Tilth, offers a brief explanation on what it means for a product to use the USDA Organic seal on its label and the basic requirements necessary to attain organic certification.

For much more organic certification, as well as answers to a number of questions related to organic sourcing and terminology, as well as a range of other topics about the beverage industry ranging from early financing to distribution, visit BeverageSchool.comBevNET’s on-demand video learning site (subscription required).


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