BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live Summer 2021 - AGENDA
TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2021
3:00 PM - 3:05 PM Welcome Remarks --
with Jeff Klineman, Editor in Chief, BevNET
3:06 PM - 3:34 PM Innovation and Revenue Together -- Monisha Dabek, the new Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager, USA, of Ocean Spray, has helped grow and scale innovation at WhiteWave, Danone, and PepsiCo. She discusses the way brands can stay focused and communicate as unplanned attention lifts their fortunes, and zeroes in on the best ways for entrepreneurs to capitalize on their own innovations, from scaling them to helping teams avoid paralysis as they grow.
with Monisha Dabek, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, USA, Ocean Spray
3:35 PM - 4:10 PM Forget Food and Beverage: Your Brand is Wellness -- Kaumil Gajrawala, Managing Director at Credit Suisse, joins us to discuss the massive upscaling of the Wellness economy and the opportunities it presents for founders, investors, retailers, and consumers. Taking a look at the interconnectedness of Wellness companies — and their development as an emerging force — Gajrawala, a longtime authority on CPG companies, will share insights about the ways that both public and private Wellness companies can continue to exert outsized market influence.
with Kaumil Gajrawala, Managing Director, Credit Suisse
4:11 PM - 4:45 PM Back to the Bricks: These CPGs Coped with COVID, But What’s Next? -- A pair of entrepreneurs whose sales thrived online during the COVID-19 pandemic will share their plans for getting ready to pound the pavement once again. After firing up both direct-to-consumer and online retailer platforms over the past 15 months, what are some of the major concerns for growing brands like Olipop and A Dozen Cousins as stores re-open and channel strategy becomes a more important part of the sales mix? 
with Ibraheem Basir, Founder and CEO, A Dozen Cousins; David Lester, Co-Founder, Olipop
4:30 PM - 5:15 PM Round Table Q&A --
with Ibraheem Basir, Founder and CEO, A Dozen Cousins; David Lester, Co-Founder, Olipop
ON DEMAND Enzymatic Solutions for Plant-Based Beverages --

Sponsored video content from Amano Enzyme.

Amano Enzyme presents novel and unique enzymatic solutions for plant-based beverages. Learn how enzymes can solve challenges the food and beverage industry is facing today, and how Amano can help you better serve your customers with our specialty enzymes. The presentation covers Amano Enzyme’s Protein Glutaminase 500 (PG500), a novel enzyme that can be used in a wide range of food and beverage applications with ease.  

The applications range from improving the mouth feel of plant proteins in solution, to eliminating the curdling observed from milk being added to coffee, and even widening the possible range of flavors for beverages!

Please note that event agendas are subject to change.