Gain Awareness and Feel Like an Industry Celebrity

Pitch your brand to industry movers and shakers and benefit from heavy exposure before, during, and after the conference. Build the momentum needed to approach key retailers and investors, and meet strategic partners with ideas to take your brand to the next level.


Go Next Level with Newfound Knowledge and Partners

Hear from trailblazers that have been there and know the path the success. Be approached by attendees reacting to your product and pitch. Hear what others are doing and fuel ideas for your own business plan.


Test Your Mettle Against the Next Big Brands in the Market

Compete against the top new beverage brands. Get asked the tough questions and see if you have the answers. Receive two rounds of valuable feedback from an expert judging panel.

Everything You Need to Know

Summer 2019 Competition

New Beverage Showdown Champions

What Past Competitors Are Saying

"The New Beverage showdown was a great experience. It provided insightful feedback from industry experts, and helped open doors to vital resources to help us continue to grow our brand. Most importantly, we had a blast!" - Stephen Ellsworth, Co-Founder, Mother Beverage, New Beverage Showdown 12 Winner

"Being a part of the BevNET Live 2015: New Beverage Showdown helped create brand awareness for MALK within the beverage industry. Many doors opened from raw materials to distribution after our participation. For any new beverage business looking to make the right connections, I would highly recommend participating in this amazing event!" - August Vega, CEO, MALK, New Beverage Showdown 10 Winner

"Winning Bevnet's New Beverage Showdown has given RAU the highlighted exposure necessary to develop strong supply chain, distribution and national marketing relationships." - Daren Meyers, Co-Founder, RAU, New Beverage Showdown 9 Winner

"We approached the BevNET New Beverage Showdown with the sole intent of winning it all. That caused us to sharpen up in every way and to really question all aspects of the business, because we’d have to ace live presentations to industry experts. That self-evaluation truly helped us on our path to understanding the “what,” “how,” and “why” behind Health-Ade at a critical time in our growth." - Justin Trout, Co-Founder & COO, Health-Ade Kombucha, New Beverage Showdown 6 Winner

Past Showdown Judges

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The application is now available for New Beverage Showdown 20 at BevNET Live Winter 2020 on December 7th and 9th in Santa Monica, California. If you are interested in applying, please send us a short note below. A member of the BevNET team will respond promptly with answers to your questions and/or access to the application.

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