SnackFutures Presents: Building the Brand Round Table - AGENDA
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Building and Growing a Well-Being Snack Brand Within an Incubator -- The SnackFutures growth strategy includes inventing new brands within the company as well as investing in emerging brands. Brigette Wolf and Mel Gaceta will share their experiences, perspectives and advice – along with how they are looking to evolve their relationship with early stage start-ups next year.
with Mel Gaceta, Director of Ventures, SnackFutures; Brigette Wolf, Head of Innovation, SnackFutures
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM The Power of E-commerce for Brand Discovery and Growth -- While direct to consumer is not a new tactic, especially for start-ups, it has grown to be one of the more effective strategies to generate discovery, sales and learnings for brands big and small. Katrina Borisjuk and Abhishek Ahluwalia will share how they’ve seen ecommerce become even more important in the current climate and its future place in omnichannel marketing.
with Katrina Borisjuk , Marketing Director, SnackFutures and Dirt Kitchen Snacks Lead; Abhishek Ahluwalia, Global eCommerce Growth Platforms Leader, Mondelez International
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM The Creativity and Complexity in Building a Kids’ Well-Being Snack Brand -- Today’s youth are more informed, engaged and vocal on many topics – including what they eat. Building a brand that meets their expectations for taste and fun, as well as gives parents’ confidence is a challenge. Add to that the different dynamics within the 6-12 age group and then how to communicate with them in social. Shannon Neumann and Tiffany Tasker will discuss the complexities when it comes to building and marketing a kids brand.
with Shannon Neumann, Associate Director, SnackFutures and Ruckus and Co Brand Lead; Tiffany Tasker, Founding Member, SuperAwesome
Please note that event agendas are subject to change.