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Ska Fabricating is a manufacturer of depalletizing equipment for customers that are handling bulk containers primarily within the craft brewing industry.  Additionally, we provide design services and are an Official MCE conveyance distributor to handle packaging line integration from start to finish.     

We are currently hiring for the following position:

Project Engineer (Full Time)

Ska Fabricating / Durango, CO

The Project Engineer is the primary technical point of contact for customers of Ska Fabricating.  They assist in determining a customer needs, providing design services initially and then implementation from start to finish of a project. Often times, continued technical support and further equipment integration after the project is complete. 


  • Communicate with customers to figure out what their equipment needs are
  • Design and quote packaging systems for customers
  • Ensure that margins are met and the profitability of each project is on track by managing the project in an orderly and timely fashion
  • Design and comprehend 2D layouts in AutoCAD based on customer floor plans and discuss them with customers
  • Communicate with customers to establish a timeframe of when equipment is needed
  • Create a timeline for each project with a plan to implement every step of the process from start to finish
  • Production scheduling of equipment to meet timeline criteria
  • Schedule installation of equipment on site
  • Communicating with vendors to ensure that equipment for each project is ordered accurately and on time to meet project time frames
  • Monitor timelines, track progress of each project, and document all stages of production
  • Communicate with shop employees about specific aspects of each project
  • Communicate ideas for improving company processes with a positive and constructive attitude, and for developing this attitude in others 
  • Maintain customer files 
  • Other duties such as assisting with sales and tech support calls, and administrative tasks
  • Must learn and utilize our internal prospect/customer record management system 
  • Quality assurance as it is related to each project


  • 2D CAD experience, preferably in AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of conveyance and packaging equipment (preferably within the craft beer industry)
  • Experience managing multiple projects at the same time
  • Strong mechanical aptitude and problem solving skills that will assist in understanding our equipment and the intricacies of each project
  • The ability to handle the organization of multiple projects on tight timelines and effectively communicate this to other team members
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Proficiency in working in an administrative environment
  • Highly effective communication skills and customer service
  • Very responsive to emails and effective email communication with both customers and coworkers 
  • Attention to detail in all aspects of work
  • Highly effective time management