Head Brewer

Fatty's Beer Works

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To double our production each year for the next 5 years by ensuring brew schedule is full and
brew system is at 100% capacity.  And to hold brew master accountable for making assistant
brew master a fully trained employee able to move up to head brew master.  Manage state and
federal taxes to ensure full compliance with TTB and South Carolina Department of Revenue.


1. Double production from 720 bbl in 2016 to 23,040 bbl in 2021. Brew 60 bbl every 45 days on
QTS Brew System at 1436 Meeting Street.

1,440 bbl in 2017
2,880 bbl in 2018
5,760 bbl in 2019
11,520 bbl in 2020
23,040 bbl in 2021

2. Develop tiered beer program at 1436 Meeting St and implement immediately.
(a) diversify beer styles to season and market demand
(b) full range of beers to cover SRM spectrum and IBUs

3. Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs).  Actively manage/edit current operating parameters and
procedures for Fatty's Beer Works.
(a) make sure when brew master or assistant brew master leave
there is no lapse in technical knowledge or expertise to bring new
hire up to speed within first 20 days

4. Deliver monthly forecast reports that are 90% accurate.  Monthly updates on taproom revenue, brewhouse production,
contract production and brews planned for upcoming month.

5. Manage Facilities, Compliance, Scheduling and Cleanliness.  Ensure all equipment is performing properly and is adequately
maintained to manufacturer recommendation. Organize, file and submit all government taxes and reporting on monthly basis. Schedule production and and labor required to meet production goals. Maintain DHEC Food Grade A Rating, spotless floors and shiny restrooms.  Manage raw material inventory and keg inventory on weekly basis.