National Sales Manager

Unity Vibration Kombucha

Apply for this Job
  • Position to be filled within the next 6 months.  Candidate to have strong experience in beverage/beer sales and at a national level.  
  • Create, develop and implement national sales strategies that optimally and most efficiently build awareness and customer base of Unity Vibration brand and products.
  • Ensure the successful achievement of the company’s sales goals across all its regions as decided upon with owners/founders.
  • Build and maintain positive, enrolling and professional relationships with ALL key distributor contacts and establish personal networks across ALL regions.  Increase distribution network as necessary.  Frequent travel to markets.
  • Ensure sales volume is at its maximum, maintaining optimal product mix, and selling price
  • Oversee company’s sales performance at regional levels and manage all regional Brand Ambassadors (BAs)
  • Keep current with demand and supply of company’s products/services by interface with operations and brewers, economic indicators, changing trends and our competitors
  • Monitor, recruit, train and give performance objectives to all BAs
  • Hold BAs accountable to set sales targets and reward/discipline as necessary
  • Review professional publications 
  • Participate in professional societies as determined necessary by owners/founders
  • Participate in market strategy building by providing useful information from sales activities via monthly sales reports or as directed
  • Perform marketing and publicity activities as needed to reach above objectives and targets