Sales Representative (Seattle) (New York)

Geeks Who Drink

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Geeks Who Drink is looking for dedicated and slightly psychotic individuals to expand its sales force. Founded in the mid aughts, we are a Denver-based company that’s gone national operating live-hosted pub quiz nights in 800+ bars, breweries, and restaurants in 44 states. Sales in GWD is grinding, relentless, and filled with heartache that sometimes pays off with joy and money.

We are looking for boots on the ground in New York and Seattle to expand our empire. It will be your duty to close inbound leads, hunt down outbound clients, and expand the reaches of the empire.


-Vetting  and closing inbound leads assigned to you.

-Hunting down outbound leads.

-Maintaining intricate knowledge of your territories with specific focus on new and upcoming bars, breweries, and restaurants.

-Maintain your leads and activity to inform the rest of the department of your actions.

Desirable skills and traits:

-Motivation: This cannot be overstated.

-Previous sales experience. This is a plus, but not essential.

-Ability to travel: You will need to be on the road frequently.  

-Ability to work from home: When not on the road, we work from home, a coffee shop, wherever you are most productive.

-Ability to work non-traditional hours: This is not a 9-5 position. You will need to plan your own work schedule and that can mean early mornings, late nights, weekends, etc.

-Don’t Be a Team Player Hater: Sales requires individual motivation above all, but you will be part of a team and need to work together for the good of the empire. If the empire succeeds, we all succeed. It’s as simple as that.

-Communication: You will need to stay in touch with your clients, your team, and with your manager.

-Ability to take rejection: It’s just business. Only sometimes do they hate you for you.

-Resilience: Forget that silly Einstein quote about insanity. Following up with prospective leads is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over…… In this case you do often get different results!


-Commission on clients sold.

- Stipend commensurate with experience.

-Reimbursement for business travel, phone, internet.

-Health insurance.