Production Manager

Garage Project - Wellington, New Zealand

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Production Manager

? Help us change beer forever - from Wellington, New Zealand
? Oversee every aspect of our beer production
? Become part of a committed team, to help run a unique brewery
? Work across an ever-changing portfolio of beers, brewed in multiple sites

Short summary
Use your production, planning & procurement skills to orchestrate brewing our unique beer across multiple breweries, to a world
class standard.

About The company
We’re a small brewery based in an old petrol station in Wellington, New Zealand. We started brewing just 50L at a time,
and have grown from there. Our goal in the Garage is to be utterly unique, and challenge the notions and push the
boundaries of what beer can be. In short, we’re working hard to change beer forever.
We see this as bière de garage - beer from the garage. And amazing things can come from small Garages. We’ve picked
up a strong following along our journey, and with multiple garages now producing a range of beers and styles across
we’re really just getting started.

About the role
The Production Manager is a senior leadership position responsible for overseeing every aspect of our beer production.
You will be responsible for scheduling, planning and coordinating our brewing and packaging pipeline across multiple
breweries. This will involve closely working with our founders to tightly run and orchestrate a complex, moving beast
covering an almost endless release slate of new beers, packaging formats with multiple technical challenges, hurdles
and often, tight timelines to overcome. You’ll be working with, and managing a ragtag crew of passionate brewers,
cellar hands, packaging team, relationship and sales and other hangers on, to make sure we can produce boundary
pushing new beers, alongside a growing stable of cult classics and ones the accounting team insist we brew for their
own personal consumption.
There will be paperwork involved, preparing budgets and scheduling to an eye-watering level of detail, and we’ll want
you to oversee procurement and management of raw materials so we get the freshest malt, and the juiciest hops to
work with. We also are known for brewing with a wide range of specialty ingredients, adjuncts and spice, so the ability
to track down rare stuff and secure large quantities at sharp prices will be required. We have a crazy mix of SKUs that
we’re constantly growing to satisfying demand across New Zealand, Australia, and even as far away as Norway and
Sweden. You’ll need to run a tight schedule to keep on top of this chaos, be a little flexible, creative and find a way to
help get stuff done.
Our goal is to be constantly improving our production practices and to make Garage Project a better place to work for.
To this end you’ll also be charged with leading our LEAN implementation, machinery maintenance and QA/QC
programmes, as well as our Health & Safety and Food Safety programmes. Basically, we want to run smoothly,
efficiently, and safely, without impacting or sacrificing beer quality. Some say it can’t be done. You’ll prove them wrong.

About the person
Here’s what you’ll need to be successful in this role you will have:
? A minimum of 5 years’ experience in production management across medium to large manufacturing
environments, ideally with multiple locations. Have helped with equipment selection and gone through some
organisational growing pains.
? Ideally hold a Bachelor’s degree in: Food production, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering
? Experience implementing and working with LEAN principles and 5S production techniques.
? Good Knowledge of H&S and other regulations directly impacting production like HACCP and Food Safety.
? Solid analytical and problem-solving abilities backed with strong tech skills (MSExcel, Project Management and
scheduling tools).
? Confidence, resilience and strength of character to stand-by your decisions.
? The humour and positivity needed to build great relationships with the GP team and key stakeholders.
? Experience in brewery production Management or brewing certifications are a definite advantage.
If this role sounds like you and you want to be part of the journey apply with your pitch and CV by the 18 August 2017.