Territory Manager

Celsius Holdings, Inc.

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Salary Range - $38 - $43K 


This position is responsible for driving results to attain the regional sales goals. This role is a supportive, entry level position on team CELSIUS. The role is designed to advance the brand’s presence daily with street level marketing and sales activities.          


  • Be on time for work daily, work engagements, and stay engaged in work activities during normal working hours (8:30 – 5:30 M-F, EST).  Notify supervisor of changes to this schedule.
  • CELSIUS employees are expected to be actively working all day during normal business hours; 85% of job will be time in the field, 15% admin, preplanning and follow up.
  • Delivers results daily and strives to make and exceed the zone plan numbers:  case volume, number of new accounts opened and gross / net revenue every day in assigned areas of trade
  • Assigned areas of trade management might include but are not limited to:
    • Convenience channel
    • Conventional Grocery channel
    • Natural channel – in areas where assigned
    • Drug channel – in areas where assigned
  • Visits accounts in territory with aim of gaining / achieving initial space or increased shelf presence, selling in line or additional SKU’s, displays or facings daily.
  • Attends distributor sales meetings to rally troops, be the face of the brand, and monitor/reorder POS
    • Explains contests, pitches brand at sales meetings, schedules and performs “ride alongs” with distributor Pre-sell or Route sales team members
    • Interfaces with senior-level district or territory managers at DSD level, or senior execs as assigned (distributors and subs)
    • Ensures sales meeting area is branded with updated POS
    • Conducts tastings or cuttings at all area distributors as assigned, making the rounds when introducing or rolling out new flavors, or line launches
    • Ensures reports are requested and shared with DM & RM – volume, volume during promoted timeframes, contest time frames, etc.
    • During route rides, works to train distributor personnel on how to properly pitch the brand, where to place it, how to face it and, assists in gaining incremental placement and displays
  • Responsible for lead generation – works to sell in the product and create street level leads, which are turned into local, assigned distributors, or used to open wholesaler accounts as assigned.
  • Where not in conflict with DSD (distribution) – area DMs should pursue opening key local or regional accounts which will in turn open access to key area wholesaler’s local warehouses.
  • Works route or territories as assigned to open accounts which grow case volume for assigned distributors, or would open other feeder accounts such as larger area wholesalers
  • Attends wholesaler sales meetings or tradeshows as assigned
  • Surfaces ways to grow the business in territory and possible leads for accounts, or other business venues which are not assigned to him/her self.
  • Other duties as assigned by Regional or District Manager or corporate leadership.

Administrative Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

  • Ensures knowledge of how to calculate retailer math (cost, margin, retail, penny profit, etc.), and adhere to MAP standards on pricing and promotions in the trade.  Request training if needed.
  • Ensures supporting/sales team agents (brokers, wholesalers, distributors) are using the updated branded, marketing and selling materials at all times for all channels of trade.
  • Proactively surface ideas regarding ways to meet goals/objectives as market dynamics change regularly. 
  • Maintains established customer relationships in key accounts
  • Communicates any business issues which may create volume shortfall or inability to hit zone goals or plans as soon as they are known
  • Uses CELSIUS link regularly to ensure all sales materials used in trade are as accurate and updated as possible and provided by the branding team at HQ.
  • Proposes trade show schedule to Trade Marketing Manager, to generate area business through key wholesalers, or retailer partners.  Potentially oversee or manage tradeshow execution with direct reports or local event team.
  • Maintains ACT Customer Management Software and uses app as instructed– training is the team member’s responsibility, request in writing additional training if necessary.
  • Participates with Regional Manager in summary discussions to ensure we are maximizing the efficiencies of your app and workflow as assigned.
  • Adheres to company policies – social platforms, expenses, etc.
  • Reviews case volume reports by distributor or wholesaler as available.
  • Fills out all reports on time at the request of Regional Manager or corporate leadership
  • Adheres to the highest standards of integrity with all reporting, expenses, relationships with others, and timeliness / attendance at work.

Spirit of the role, attitudes and behaviors:

  • Cultivates cross-departmental relationships (Sales/Mktg/Fitness) within the company, but follows chain-of-command.
  • Exercises appropriate behavior with Customers, always representing Celsius in the best and most professional manner.
  • Exhibits the highest level of fiduciary duty to the company in all financial matters, including samples and expenses, promotional spending and every aspect of the Company’s business.
  • Possess ample knowledge of product, industry, competitive brands, and customers’ issues and typical needs. Understands difference between channel/segment of category, types of categories, how they work present at retail, and where Celsius would play. As always, request training if needed.
  • Be motivated and excited about Celsius: share success stories with Management Team.