Quality Microbiology Technician

Ballast Point Brewing Company

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Ballast Point Brewing holds itself to the highest Quality standards. This position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

–      Coordinate sample collection and analysis, including daily samples as well as samples for troubleshooting/projects
–      Process and analyze samples in a timely fashion: plating (direct, filter, dilutions, streaking, etc.), use of differential media, colony identification and characterization, (q-RT) PCR/endpoint PCR, DNA sequencing submission
–      Utilize all data collected in order to recommend appropriate action and improvements to ensure the cleanest beer and process possible
–      Follow SOPs and practice all Brewery Safety Procedures – safely, efficiently, and effectively work to attain department and brewery goals and objectives
–      Perform daily fermentation and packaging analyses, such as: gravities, yeast cell counts/viability, dissolved gas measurement, DMA/alcolyzer, GC-MS, HPLC, sensory analysis
–      Maintain a clean, orderly, and efficient work space/laboratory
–      Must be flexible and willing to work weekends

The ideal candidate for this position would possess:

 –      College degree in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Food Science) or Engineering

–      Working brewing knowledge and/or certification from an accredited institution (IBD, UC Davis, etc.)

–      Microbiological laboratory research experience, 1-2 years

–      QA/QC laboratory experience in an applicable field, 1-2 years

–      Works effectively both independently and as a team

–      Is self-motivated and thrives in a fast-paced environment

–      Extremely strong organizational skills with a propensity for enacting positive change

–      Excellent computer as well as written and oral communication skills

–      Strong problem solving and analytical skills

–      Loves to work hard and have fun!

If you or anyone you know (and would recommend) are interested, please email liz@ballastpoint.com with the subject title “Interest in Quality Microbiology Technician position”.  Please include the Employee Application (https://www.ballastpoint.com/careers/), a resume, and cover letter.