Terre Haute Brewing Company

Apply for this Job


High School Diploma

Drivers License

Clean Background and Credit Check

Demonstrated ability to hold down the same job for minimum of 3 years.

Physically able to lift up to 100#

Below are listed examples of some of the job responsibilities of a Terre Haute Brewing Company Brewer and his/her assistant Brewers.  This list is NOT all inclusive:

Daily duties

1.            Be the first to arrive at the brewery, disable alarm system, turn on lights and open doors as needed.

2.            Receive deliveries, sometimes operating forklift to unload freight

3.            Document materials received

4.            Complete daily reading sheet, notify Dave or Nathaniel of any issues.

5.            Transfer RO water to Hot Liquor tank anytime the HL tank is less than 30 BBL

6.            Operate the RO water system anytime the RO bulk tank is not full

7.            Operate the steam boiler anytime the Hot Liquor tank is below 170 degrees

8.            Take level readings on the serving tanks.

9.            Monitor sugar decrease in fermenters.

10.         Monitor pressure build up in fermenters.

11.         Monitor pressure of brite tank

12.         Monitor quality and temperature of fermenting beers.

13.         Monitor quality, flavor and carbonation of serving beers.

14.         Monitor keg inventory.

15.         Transfer finished beer from into bright beer tank when beer is aged enough in the fermenter.

16.         Keg off the beer in the bright beer tank when inventory in cooler is low or another beer needs moved out of fermenter.

17.         Brew beer when a fermenter is empty.

18.         Mill grain the day prior to brewing.           

19.         Sweep floor under grain rack

20.         Clean any equipment that was used for the day

21.         Document daily activities on Daily Operation Report.

22.         Rearrange production schedule as necessary daily.

23.         Reschedule Assistant Brewer’s time as necessary.

24.         Monitor for keg orders from account holders

25.         Schedule deliveries to fill draft keg orders to account holders

26.         Leave the brewery clean and presentable.

 Weekly duties

1.            Verify beerlines were cleaned, or clean them.

2.            Create brew/transfer production schedule.

3.            Clean all grain dust from mill room

4.            Fully clean and sanitize brewery walls, trenches, and floors

5.            Clean the outside of all tanks

6.            Ensure keg inventory is adequate for weekend sales

 Monthly duties

1.            Work with management to generate state tax filings

2.            Inventory at the brewery & at any warehouse site.

3.            Place orders to re-stock inventory

 Quarterly duties

1.            Disassemble heat exchanger for cleaning.

2.            Deep-clean outsides of tanks, floors, etc.

3.            Nuke the brewery with HD sanitizer

Semi-annual duties

1.            Preventative maintenance acid washing and re-passivation of all tanks. (Including mash screens and DE Filter.)

2.            Take butterfly valves apart for cleaning.


Irregularly scheduled duties

1.            Attend and work at beer festivals, promoting Terre Haute Brewing Company. (Get everything ready – beer, jockeybox, CO2, coasters, banner, displays & literature.)

2.            Talk to the media.

3.            Talk to the public (our customers or people passing through).

4.            Personally answer inquiries from breweriana collectors.

5.            Personally answer inquiries from microbrew enthusiasts.

6.            Give tours.

7.            Teach managers & bartenders about beer styles, beer service, beer brewing, and to give tours if possible.

8.            Give speeches to local service clubs, conferences, etc.

9.            Read brewing periodicals to keep up with technology.

10.         Keep ears open for possible future competition in your area.

11.         Deal with Terre Haute Brewing Company local and regional regulators, and any other authority a brewery must deal with regularly or at irregular intervals.

12.         Schedule new managers and bartenders to brew one day in the brewhouse with you.


1.            Manage brewery operations.

2.            Design new beer recipes.

3.            Brew pilot batches of new recipes

4.            Monitor customer’s comments and raw materials in order to modify current regular beer recipes when necessary and permission has been granted to do so.

5.            Hire, train, and if necessary, fire Assistant Brewers.

6.            Have knowledge of total operations: All equipment.

7.            Design new procedures when necessary, and permission has been granted to do so.

8.            Inform Dave of any new procedures.

9.            Inform Dave of any quality control problems.

10.         Inform Dave and Nathaniel of beer scheduling problems. (ie: running out of beer.)

11.         Do whatever Nathaniel and Dave ask you to do, unless it is illegal.

12.         Be prepared to work late nights, long hours, and weekends as needed to ensure quality and quantity of Terre Haute Brewing Company product is available at all times.


1.            Keep the MSDS binder up-to-date.

2.            Hold monthly safety meetings with all brewery employees.

3.            Keep records of safety meetings and topics.

6.            Stay aware of new requirements/regulations.

7.            If possible, try to involve General Manager and Kitchen Manager in safety meetings.

Manage Supplies

1.            Keep track of beer raw materials. (malt, hops, yeast, fruit, etc.)

3.            Keep track of brewing supplies. (D.E., filter cartridges, chemicals, hardware, etc.)

4.            Keep track of lab supplies. (alcohol burner fluid, agar media, test tubes, etc.)

5.            Keep track of safety supplies. (rubber boots & gloves, band aids, goggles, etc.)

Manage Beer Production

1.            Keep all beers on tap at all times.

2.            Produce finished beer for the Tap Room.

3.            Produce kegged beer for accounts and dock sales.

4.            Monitor volume beer sales.

5.            Predict volume beer sales (and dock sales).

11.         Schedule production according to monitored and predicted beer levels.

12.         Brew, filter, and keg according to the above schedule.

Manage Cooperage

1.            Paint numbers on all kegs and taps.

2.            Teach bartenders/managers to keep a written record of who checks out which keg or tap.

3.            Call people on the phone to remind them to return their kegs and taps.

4.            Mail postcards (written notices) after 2 months.


1.            Raw materials.

3.            Brewing supplies.

4.            Lab supplies.

5.            Safety supplies.

6.            Kegs and Taps.

8.            Office supplies. (sometimes)

9.            Service suppliers. (beer line cleaning, etc.)


1.            General cleaning of fermenters and servers.

2.            Preventative maintenance cleaning of fermenters, servers, kettle, liquor back, mash tun, filter, keg washer, etc.

3.            Kegs.

4.            Party taps.

5.            Exterior of tanks and brewery walls.

6.            Floors and drains.

7.            Mill room.

8.            Any off-site warehouse.


1.            Preventative maintenance.

2.            Invent gadgets and apparatus to get the job done.

3.            Fix anything that breaks, if you can.

4.            If you can’t fix it, hire someone who can fix it.


Represent Terre Haute Brewing Company

1.            Anytime you are in public and someone asks what you do.

2.            At local small brewer’s association meetings. (Most other attendees are owners.)

3.            At Master Brewers Association of the Americas meetings.

4.            At local beer tastings and regional/national festivals.

5.            When writing articles for national magazines.

6.            As speaker for local clubs and national conferences.

7.            To the local and national media.