Intern, Content Creation & Brand Curation


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About You:

First things first.  You love to write. You use social media - not because you’re woke, but because it gives you an outlet to think out loud and influence people to be more thoughtful, creative or better understood.  Maybe you’re just snarky and having fun. Either way - we’re lookin’ for you.

You're more organized than most people you know.  You're kinda compulsively process driven - even if you'll only admit that it exists when you do the dishes or your laundry.  You have a great sense of humor.

You know what a start-up is like and love it - or badly want to find out.. You look forward to shifting contexts and you build processes for the various tasks and procedures you may be asked to accomplish, follow or implement. You love to multi-task.  You know the value of being overly prepared and when you multitask, you continue to deliver at a level you're proud of. Others have taken notice of this.

Your team can count on you and you're not afraid to honestly communicate with and count on your team. You take initiative.  You understand that is much bigger than three words and thrive on being able to independently navigate when not explicitly given direction. You are a great communicator.  You know this - and it's obvious to your friends, family and colleagues. You love to work hard. The value of honesty was made apparent long ago. Understanding that value has made life easier for you.   

You probably have a degree in marketing, psychology, communications or another field that has given you certain skills you know are useful to accomplish these goals.  (We say 'probably' because we believe talent comes in many forms.)

  • You must have strong writing skills

  • You can creatively use social media and have accounts which have proven follower traction

  • You have a good understanding of technology and social media

  • You are interested in and knowledgeable about Organic, Specialty Gourmet Products

  • You have some marketing experience and have experience with market research

  • You are organized and detail oriented

  • You are confident, happy and assertive

This Internship has a dual concentration; content creation and brand curation.  You’ll work closely with our sales and marketing team to use social media to drive the company’s communication goals in furtherance of helping our brands and retailers better connect with each other and their shoppers.  You’ll also work closely with our Brand Success Team helping brands in our community to better understand how to be successful using the Shelfmint platform. 

About Shelfmint:

Shelfmint ( is a b2b marketplace used via a mobile app, focused on making it easier for healthy and creative food brands to get on retailer’s shelves.  For the past hundred years the grocery industry has been dominated by distributors and large food brands. We’re a dedicated team of engineers, nutritionists and community builders with a goal to change the distribution paradigm to make unique, local and emerging food and beverage brands more accessible and affordable. 


  • Starts: ASAP
  • Full-time and Part-time possibilities.  
  • We’re looking forward to someone joining us in our offices in Harlem, NYC.
  • Compensation:  $13.00-$17.00 per hour.
  • We may provide reimbursement for travel.