Cellartech - Level II

Sun King Brewery - Indianapolis, Indiana

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Job Title:  Cellartech – Level II

Job Type:  Full Time (hourly)

Department:  Production

Purpose: The purpose of this position is to assist the Head Cellarman with specialized cellaring operations, including the centrifuge.


  • Assist in the execution of day-to-day cellaring operations
  • Operate the centrifuge and engage in all filtration-related processes
  • Maintain accurate records of daily cellaring activity
  • Adhere to SOP requirements for all cellaring processes
  • Assist in managing inventory of certain raw materials, including hops
  • Clean tanks in a manner that provides optimal tank availability for beer transfers
  • Perform tank-to-tank transfers of beer
  • Carbonate beer
  • Dry hop beer
  • Drop yeast from tanks following fermentation
  • Create firkins, infusions, nitros and specialties


  • Extensive knowledge of cellaring processes
  • Obsessive attention to detail and multitasking skills
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Strong work ethic
  • Solid communication skills
  • Knowledge of carbonation best practices
  • Understanding of filtration processes
  • Able to lift heavy materials (up to 160 lbs.)
  • Able to obtain valid Indiana Alcohol server's permit
  • Knowledge of proper PPE


High school diploma/GED or equivalent experience
Previous cellaring experience


The Cellartech – Level II reports directly to the Head Cellarman for all cellaring operation needs.  The Cellartech – Level II also works with the cellaring staff and brewing staff regarding various production processes.

How to Apply:

Qualified individuals who are interested in being considered for this position should submit a resume and cover letter to jobs@sunkingbrewing.com.  It is important to include in the subject line of the email the job title for which the application should be considered - Cellartech - Level II.

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