SoLo GI Nutrition

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COMPANY: SoLo GI Nutrition
JOB TITLE: President
REPORTING TO: Board of Directors

SoLo GI Nutrition:
A Canadian Functional Food Company with a mission to provide consumers with innovative snack
products that improve health and quality of life, seeks an experienced, growth-oriented Executive with strong Operational, Financial and Marketing skills to lead and deliver the next stage of business growth, and expected P&L performance.

SoLo GI Nutrition is at the forefront of blood sugar management, developing and marketing healthy low glycemic food and beverage alternatives that address obesity, diabetes and the energy deficit.
1. With distribution achieved through all channels across Canada of its SoLo Energy Bar line,
implement experiential and educational marketing programs that educate and drive sales.
2. Develop and launch line extensions and new product forms.
3. Expand SoLo into the U.S. via a robust E-Commerce strategy followed by a national retail rollout.
4. Seek, evaluate, and implement cost reducing supply chain options.
5. Develop and execute the strategic business plan to drive profitable growth and expansion.
6. Attract and manage investment and debt financing to scale growth.
7. Lead and develop an effective organization to expand into the U.S. and internationally.
8. Achieve Annual Sales, Commercial and Financial Objectives as set by the Board of Directors.

• Oversee day-to-day business operations in a fast-paced working environment
• Lead the current organization of VP Sales, Marketing Manager, Administrative Operations
Manager, and Assistant Promotions Manager
• Lead product development and commercialization
• Develop and lead new market entry strategy
• Develop and manage budget, P&L and monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to the Board
• Develop operational and sales forecasts
• Negotiate vendor contracts and completion of new business listing forms
• Maintain strong relations including brokers, distributors, retailers and key customers
• Management of third party product development and manufacturing relations

• COO and CFO combined credentials and experience
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills; has managed an organization of 5 to 10 people.
• In-depth knowledge of natural/health food retail (grocery, natural, pharmacy, e-commerce)
• Experience with sales & marketing, brand build strategy, consumer insights, product launches
• Thorough understanding of B2B & B2C commercial management, and online E-Commerce
• Proven ability to develop, execute and deliver a 1-3 year strategic business plan
• Ability to multi-task and prioritize in a fast-paced work environment

• Post-Secondary Degree in Business, Finance or Management
• 10+ years proven senior management experience in operations, finance, sales and/or marketing
• Preference will be given to candidates who have experience with consumer-packaged goods and
e-commerce platforms. Experience in the U.S. market would be beneficial.

Knowledge, understanding and experience with:
• Brand development, product positioning, consumer behavior
• E-Commerce, social media and influencer marketing
• Health food trends
• Food and nutritional science, product development, clinical studies
• Regulated health claims and food labeling requirements in Canada, the US and EU

• Commensurate with industry standards for a small fast growing entrepreneurial company,
including stock options and performance bonuses.
• RRSP Matching Program, and Health & Dental Benefits Plan.

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