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Bedrock Analytics

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Company Description

Bedrock Analytics is a venture-backed startup that creates and sells software to the largest market in the world, consumer packaged goods (CPG). We are addressing a huge market, have a deployed a successful SaaS product, are booking consistent revenue, and starting to ramp up our operations.

We uncover valuable business insights from syndicated and retail data by applying machine learning to harmonize various data sources and utilize analytical techniques to automate the discovery of insights for sales managers in the CPG market.

The Job

The VP of Sales has responsibility for all aspects of the sales process including; lead generation, product demos, CPG qualification, automating drip campaigns, etc.  The role’s responsibilities include hiring, building and training a high growth sales team designed to exceed expectations for our CPG customers. The VP of Sales can still roll up her sleeves and sell the product at the largest customers when needed.

The Ideal Candidate:

Can balance stability with speed. You can think ahead without over-thinking for the near-term.

Recognizes that the judicious application of duct tape is as important as the application of welded high-tensile steel.

Wants to build the ultimate customer-responsive sales organization that jams out new functionality faster than anyone else.

Great at collaboration product, customer success, engineering and other departments.

Forms and leads teams that can outsell anyone.

Challenges the team to leap forward in their skills and work product -- and they love you for it.

Ready to turn a revolutionary idea into a giant company.

Has worked in CPG and in tech.


We already have a small team of 4+ dedicated inside-sales managers and 2 SDRs. 

We are building out the sales team and need a sales leader to join the organization!

The Rest of the Company

Our CEO is a subject matter expert working with the types of data handled by the company with experience from Nestle, Novartis, Ghirardelli and Lindt as head of analytics.  The team brings a unique set of skills to problem that has been unsolved for the CPG industry.  Everyone from sales to engineering is excited to be building a company that is unlike any other.  We are a family with a transparent culture and we celebrate our shared wins often while enjoying the thrill of constantly beating the competition.  The board of directors / investors are highly supportive of the organization’s mission.


Provide knowledgeable, well-reasoned guidance to the sales team with respect to developing a scalable sales engine.

Maintain a culture of camaraderie across a group of already existing highly skilled and capable team members.

Grow the sales team while ensuring best practices and solid training are part of the culture.

Develop long term plan for repeatable processes, growth and continued improvement

Provide visibility and transparency on sales matters to the executive team, and communicate proper resourcing and budget needs.

Identify appropriate infrastructure enhancements to evolve our technology.

Take lead of sales planning and execution. Continue to bring aboard people with excellent skills and capabilities in these areas as the company grows.

Hire more sales talent.

Demonstrated ability to balance and prioritize immediate needs of a growing business with longer-term scalability planning, avoiding over-processed approaches

Able to participate in gathering of necessary metrics for growth planning.

Willingness and proven ability to collaborate with other domain experts in the company.

Maintain a transparent, collaborative, and well-communicated decision making process.


8+ years of sales experience

6+ years sales leadership experience including CPG & tech sales experience

Solid experience managing a sales team of 8 or more.

Able and willing to sell enterprise accounts as well as emerging brands when the need arises.

Team player who can work with a small group and continue to grow the group into a larger team or set of teams.

Demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret complex problems or processes, identify and understand requirements, and develop alternative solutions.

Strong analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills.

On top of trends and development in enterprise SaaS sales.

Demonstrate accountability, sound decision making, analytical thoroughness, clear and concise communications, and the ability to lead and mentor team members

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