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Prairie State Distributing Seeking Craft Specialist for Chicago Markets

Prairie State Distributing is the premier marketing and distribution partner for a curated portfolio of high-end craft and specialty beer brands in Illinois. Accomplished through in-depth product training, focused distribution and unparalleled customer service.


Likes to sell a ton of beer and have a passion for the industry.

Responsibilities include: 

Daily on premise & off premise sales calls to a range of accounts in different locations 

Candidate must be a self-starter, have local-based craft beer knowledge, and past sales experience preferably within the alcohol industry. 

Strong work ethic and open to a variable schedule.

Strong communication skills 

Organizing and attending local events.

Building relationships with buyers and key management personnel in accounts.

Maintaining brand integrity by product within accounts through monitoring code freshness and beer quality.

Merchandising and building key brand showcases and displays in accounts with brewery point of sale 

Participating in beer samplings, promotions, beer festivals and all applicable required beer market events.

Completing company administration requirements on time and regularly, including expense reports, weekly/monthly recaps, monthly calendar updates, market budget management, and daily e-mail communication.

Attending key sales meetings & brewery presentations with the Prairie State Distributing sales staff and brewery Partners.

Must maintain a functional vehicle and have a valid driver’s license with NO DUI’S.

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and move up to 150 pounds.

Must be available to work nights and weekends.

Certifications that are not required, but are certainly a plus:

Illinois B.A.S.S.E.T. Certified

Cicerone Certified Beer Server


This position offers an industry competitive compensation package based on the following payment structures:

  • Weekly base salary
  • Weekly sales commission 
  • Brewery incentive bonus
  • Annual performance bonus
  • Accrued vacation package
  • Accrued paid time off package
  • Health & dental benefits package
  • Automobile expense reimbursement package
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