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JOB DESCRIPTION: The DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS is responsible for ensuring that company has a high quality, stable yet flexible manufacturing capability to support our rapid growth and geographic expansion.


  • The DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS will be responsible for overseeing all third-party co-packing operations and identifying and negotiating with additional co-packers based on future business planning guided by the CEO.
  • The DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS will oversee to varying degrees, procurement, inbound logistics, production planning, packaging, quality control, processing, warehousing and outbound logistics and manage all technical activities associated with new product and packaging development and introduction while maximizing cost efficiencies which don’t effect the final product.
  • The DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS shall report to the CEO, and will interface with sales, marketing and finance to ensure strategies meet demand and take a hands-on approach to executing the strategy and addressing real-time problems and opportunities.

Price structure development and control.

  • Liaise with CEO and COO and direct wholesaler (i.e. Costco) executives to develop and document price structures designed to maximize gross margin with a consistent plan to consistently improve margins without affecting the final product.
  • Ensure that retail price points, discounts, and trade margins outlined in price structures are in line with commercial budgets and strategy and determined in line with the COO and CEO.
  • Document and archive any agreed changes or evolutions to price structures.
  • Monitor the wholesaler’s accurate implementation of price structures in each market.
  • Monitor discount spending versus budget and recommend course-corrections as necessary.

Trade programming documentation and control.

  • Liaise with Region Managers and wholesaler executives to develop and document trade programming (e.g., incentives, crew drives, merchandising programs, etc.) for each market.
  • Ensure that programs and initiatives are within budget and in line with commercial strategy and determined in line with the COO and CEO.

  • Document and archive any agreed changes or modifications to programs and program calendars.
  • Monitor the wholesaler’s implementation of trade programming and recommend any appropriate changes to the Region Manager as necessary.

Commercial budget development, management, and control.

  • Liaise with COO and CEO to develop and document commercial budgets for each market.
  • Monitor commercial spending versus budget in each market and recommend course-corrections as necessary.

Wholesaler chargeback validation and coding

  • Control, validate, code, and process chargebacks from wholesalers (invoices) as reimbursement for discount and commercial spending in each market.
  • Liaise with wholesaler business management departments and Finance Team to agree tools and procedures for chargeback backup documentation.

Business Management support for On-Premise and Off-Premise National Accounts

  • Support the Finance Dept business planning, pricing, budget development and control support.

Periodic and ad hoc business performance analysis and presentation

  • Support Region Managers and Executive Team with performance analysis or decision-support analysis as requested.

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