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The Unknown Brewing Company is filling the roll of Taproom Manager.

Our brewery is located in the heart of Charlotte.  Our beer is delicious and our taproom just got a half million dollar upgrade, including a rooftop patio overlooking this beautiful city.  The only thing missing is you!  At The Unknown, we stand for those who see the world a little differently.  Our culture is to live without boundaries and try new things.  Our people embody that culture and live everyday to the fullest. Whether its our annual No Pants Bike Ride or a random roman candle fight.  For this job you have to be able to have fun and let loose, but also know how to handle business.  We take our beer business here very serious,  everything else is up for grabs!

The position we are hiring for is for Taproom GM.  This person will be responsible for all operations of our taproom and operating it as a stand alone business.  This person will be responsible for  delivering revenues and profits by developing, marketing, financing, and providing appealing taproom service; managing staff.   This post is a salary full time position. (Pretty much this means you are in charge of all things taproom and you need to be a badass with the confidence of Robert De Niro in the movie Casino.)

Duties include:  

  • Scheduling employees
  • Managing budgets and P&L
  • Marketing
  • Evolving and managing checklists
  • Creating sales and revenue
  • Creating atmosphere
  • Customer relationship
  • About 1,000 other small things that come up when you are the boss of the taproom.

  • Requirements:

    Cost Accounting, Developing Budgets, Financial Planning and Strategy, Decision Making, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Verbal Communication, Customer Focus, Management Proficiency, Managing Profitability, Quality Focus.  Must have at least two years experience as a GM or assistant GM in Hospitality. Prefer candidate with Hospitality management degree. Word, Office, Excel proficient. Great personality and  warm summer smile.

    This position reports to the owner of the company. We offer competitive salary plus a tiered system for bonuses. This position also comes with paid vacations and other benefits.  If interested please respond to Brad@unknownbrewing.com. If all this sounds like you then we look forward to hearing from you.

    Note: Please don't send us a resume if your only experience has been as an entry level valet for 3 weeks after a short stent as an organic  D.J. with a love of craft beer and you're ready for your next big step. We will respect your ambition and then we will practice origami with your resume. (Must have real experience as a bar or restaurant GM).

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