Yoga and Boutique Fitness Sales Manager

O2 Sports Recovery Drink

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Welcome to the most rewarding and challenging job of your life.

Several years ago, we had an idea to take sports and energy drinks into the 21st century with clean, natural ingredients and pure oxygen. We launched O2 recovery drink out of the back of a car in 2014, and today we’re preparing to scale aggressively while exploring new markets. We’re searching for someone to lead sales and client retention for our exploratory market business (think places you’d see on ClassPass), and we’re looking for a hard-working, yoga-loving, O2-drinking, fitness-training, people-charming, team-playing rockstar to join our team. Our values are simple: Honesty, Humility, and Hustle. We want someone who embodies those values every single day, and we want someone with a high degree of discipline. 

If this sounds like you, get ready for what could be the job of a lifetime.

Position responsibilities

You will be solely responsible for leading the expansion of O2 into very promising markets, beginning with independent yoga and functional fitness studios. You’ll reach out to prospective wholesale clients that fit this description, sample them with our products, and set them up for a successful wholesale relationship with us, beginning with their first wholesale purchase. You’ll then build and manage a successful relationship with them by focusing on client success and retention. You'll grow on the job every day, and eventually you'll grow into larger roles in the company.

Work environment

You’ll work from home but won’t be afraid to travel to studios and events when needed. You’ll love working in a fast-paced, results-driven environment, and you’ll embrace the accountability that comes with it because it will give you the chance to show how well you can perform. You work well on your own and with other team members, and you’re a natural with people. You’re probably one of the most persistent people your friends have ever met, and you’re definitely one of the most hard-working people they know. You’ve got a background in sales, and even though you can “sell anything,” you’re going to love this sales job because it won’t feel like a job - you’ll be selling a product you love to people who lead a very similar active, health-oriented lifestyle in yoga/functional fitness.

Apply if:

  • You have a background in yoga and fitness

  • You have a background in sales

  • You work well on your own, but you also take direction extremely well

  • You’re accountable and crave results

  • You’re a natural with people

  • You’re passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle

  • You genuinely love O2 (if you haven’t tried O2, visit

  • You’re fun, outgoing, and adventurous with a magnetic personality (people like you!)

  • You’re looking for something to pour your heart and soul into

  • You thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment

  • Bonus points if you’re a certified yoga and/or CrossFit instructor

Do not apply if:

  • You don’t like working on a team or with people

  • You don’t like direction or feedback

  • You’re looking for a typical 9-5, M-F workweek

  • You’d prefer not to travel

  • You don’t like talking to strangers

If this job sounds too good to be true, it may be because there’s only one of these spots available, and we’re a tight-knit team that’s really selective about who we bring into our family. But we know you’re out there, and if this sounds like you, we’d love to talk more. Send your resume and brief (< 250 word) description explaining why you'd be a great fit to join our team to

Apply for this Job