Head Brewer- Towne Park Brew Co.

Towne Park Brew Co.

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The Towne Park Head Brewer specializes in managing an organization's brewing department, including daily operations, recipe management, and work procedures. They spend time in the production and packaging facilities in order to interact with various personnel and maintain beer quality, efficient processes and overall organization and cleanliness.

Job duties 

  • Help curate and collaborate new brew recipes
  • Work with production manager & sales to create and execute Brewhouse Schedule to fulfill growing demand
  • Create and maintain brewing and cleaning SOP’s
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the tanks, floors, equipment, deck, etc
  • Adhere quality management guidelines to uphold excellent quality of beer and it's longevity
  • Managing continuous reviews of the product, including microbiological stability and taste.
  • Completion of paperwork and reporting(using paperwork and Ekos) in an accurate and timely manner
  • Manage the brew and cellar team to create seamless coordination
  • Create and maintain work logs of quality assurance tests and production stage timings.
  • Responsible for Brewery employee selection and training process, including applicant screening, performance appraisals, and complaint investigation and resolution. 
  • Train team on brewing, cleaning, and safety SOP’s
  • Keep team up to date with process and equipment changes
  • Executing and monitoring performance goals
  • Training of assistant brewers and porters
  • Responsible for the safe operation of equipment like inflow pipes and tanks
  • Strive to increase workplace attitude and moral. Always be approachable.
  • Set a good example with regard to punctuality, attendance, attitude and hygiene.
  • Communicate regularly and efficiently with fellow employees and management.
  • Maintain a harmonious work relationship between yourself, your co-workers and customers
  • Able to safely operate forklift- we can provide forklift training
  • Efficiently manage time
  • Multi-task while being detail and quality focused

Brewhouse Operations:

  • Report and help troubleshoot wort preparation issues with management team.
  • Monitor ingredients, chemicals and oxygen tank levels, report when at set thresholds
  • Oversee and maintain that all equipment is cleaned after use
  • Notify management team of equipment malfunction
  • Work with Facilities manager to maintain equipment
  • Brewhouse history and maintenance records
  • Work with Cellar team to maintain quality during packaging
  • Create weekly cask
  • Responsible for consistent quality product

Daily tasks

  • Daily walk-through to ensure cleanliness
  • Daily walk-through to ensure proper closing procedures and SOP’s were followed
  • Daily monitor team safety and proper attire worn

Weekly Task

  • Brewhouse floor thoroughly cleaned of all stains
  • Brewhouse Vessels, thoroughly cleaned
  • Lead Production Meetings

Monthly Task

  • Spray down entire brewery with wash/foam and scrub away residue

Bi-Monthly Task

  • Inspect hot and cold liquor tanks and clean if necessary
  • Inspect pumps for wear and tear

Semi-annual Task

  • Passivation of all stainless-steel tanks using acid wash
  • Inspect brewing manifold hard pipes and clean
  • Take apart butterfly valves and clean
  • Take apart pumps and clean

Irregular Task

  • Attend and work beer festivals and events (get equipment ready—beer, jockey box, CO2, tools) Clean after use.
  • Read brewing articles/magazines to keep up with technology, methodology and sustainability
  • Prepare and assess all beer for competition submissions

Towne Park Brewery is committed to creating the best beers possible while practicing both social and economic responsibilities.

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