R & D Food Technologist

Wyandot, Inc.

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Wyandot is a national manufacturer of great-tasting, better-for-you, plant-based snack foods. Founded in 1936, we are over 80 Years proud!

With our focus on better-for-you products, consumers have a healthier choice when buying snacks for themselves and their families. We produce great tasting and award-winning products for leading and emerging branded food businesses, including first-to-market chickpea puffs and baby snacks, ready-to-eat popcorn for a national theatre chain, weight maintenance products, and snacks under the Incredi-Puffs and Munch Rights brands.

Our team-based culture is committed to customer success, sustainability, and excellence, with a need for teammates who are passionate about innovation, quality, reducing waste, and finding ways to add value.

Our growth plan is to double in size over the next three to five years, including additional locations throughout the US. If you are looking for a company that can provide a great work environment, opportunities to contribute to our success immediately, as well as opportunities for career advancement, Wyandot is the place for you!

Come join our growing team, where we recognize the vital importance of everyone in the organization. Regardless of the task, we all work together and realize that each link is as important as the next.


Wyandot’s Food Technologist will manage the product development and product improvement programs, nutritional labeling and sensory program.  


a) Project Manager of Product Development/Improvement Program:  

Direct development projects to achieve desired business objectives by Coordinating the activities of all associated departments (sales, marketing, production, scheduling, QA,); Maintaining awareness of customer/systems requirements and conform to those requirements; Developing and controlling timelines, revising project plans on an on-going basis to maintain alignment with other projects and the business strategy; Developing test plans and executing plant trials; Budgeting and managing costs associated with the finished product. 

b) Manages Sensory Program: 

Supervise the planning, organization, and execution of in house sensory panels.  Report panel results to both internal and external customers, discussing evaluation techniques, test execution, and data analysis.  Make specific recommendations based on these results.   

c) Quality: 

Support quality assurance as needed.    


1. Management of Product/Process Development Program;

a.  Develop and maintain Customer/Supplier relationships. 
b.  Create Prototype products (formula/model development and application work).
c.  Work with production to commercialize/scale-up prototype products.
d.  Manage the final product cost within Wyandot’s parameters.

2. Management of Product/Process Improvement Program; 

a. Auditing current production processes for improvement purposes
b. Monitor external marketing studies.
c. Monitor internal National Brand product cutting results.

3. Management of the Sensory Program:

 a. Maintenance and audit of Floor/QA sensory program.
 b. Training all sensory panelists.
 c. Developing all sensory panel programs.

4. Support the Labeling Program:

a. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of current FDA labeling requirements.
b. Responsible for ensuring that Wyandot’s ingredient declarations and nutritional                              information are in compliance with FDA regulations

5. Communicate via telephone and email with internal and external customers.

6. Performs other duties as assigned.


The Food Technologist will work closely with the technical contacts of customers and suppliers, as well as our internal sales/marketing/production teammates to achieve project objectives.  Much of the work is detail-oriented and requires the ability to manage multiple priorities, with minimal supervision, in a high-energy environment.  Must have excellent communication skills.  Must be a high-level end-user of Microsoft Office. A Bachelor's of Science Degree in Food Science, Chemistry or other related field required. Must be able to communicate in English clearly in both verbal and written form.  Must be able to access, input, and retrieve information from a computer.



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