Brewery Planner/Production Manager 15,000 BBLs

Ellicottville Brewing Co.: WNY Ski Town Brewery

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Job Responsibilities:  The primary responsibility of the Brew Planning Manager is the planning, oversight, and communication of the brewing production schedule.  The Brew Planning Manager must work with the Brewing and Packaging departments to create a practical schedule that meets the needs of the facility as a whole.  A second responsibility of the Brew Planning Manager is to maintain positive working relationships and open communication with contract brewing partners.  Customer support will be achieved by direct participation in the planning, execution, and management of each customer’s production.  This position will further support overall brewing operations by reporting critical process data and making process recommendations to both contract partners and Ellicottville Brewing.

Inventory Purchasing & Management: Monthly Inventory taken.

• Raw Materials (malt, hops, yeast, extract, etc.)  Take delivery and stock

• Brewery/Lab supplies. (filter pads, chemicals, keg rings/caps slides, pipettes, tubes etc.)
• Safety supplies.
• Packaging Supplies: Bottles, Carriers, Mother cartons
• Shipping/Receiving supplies: Shrink wrap, pallets, labels, Tape

Product Shipping & Freight

• Coordinate product shipping to distributors
• Provide necessary record keeping of product distribution and delivery.

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